OS X Crash

Okay, my OS X has finally crashed, rendering the whole PC useless and it was all due to using the "Software Update" app available in OS X’s Finder. Now it restarts whenever I boot into Darwin. Am in the midst of installing OS X again back into the system but the first few tries were unsuccessful.

Will try to release Part 2 of the Suzumiya Haruhi Cosplay Shoot by today but no promises as I work on my laptop which loves to do the monitor flickering on me. Have sent it for servicing but it seems like the problem’s back :(

  ^ Laptop performs a Tsundere on me

9 thoughts on “OS X Crash”

  1. You shouldn’t use the Software Update while using a “cracked” OS X on PC, it will crash everytime. I think I read that somewhere and they release patches which does about the same job as the Software Update.
    Anyways, time to get a real Mac? :D

  2. @Syun: When the monies come in. Don’t have monies for mac now :/

    @Rokku: True. It was a stupid (or not) on my part for doing a software update.

    @Zeroblade: Hahaha!

    @icie: Big success indeed!

  3. I really want to get some Mac action going, but it’s rather expensive and I couldn’t care less for Intel Integrated Graphics. I’m going to go for the Mac Pro one day… with an aftermarket RAM upgrade, of course… why would I spend 9100CAD on 32GBs of RAM? no thanks, Apple.

    Everybody else pretty much said what you shouldn’t do when running a Hackintosh…

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