Tohsaka Rin, Gorgeous in Red


Having just got back from a trip overseas, Rin called me on my mobile just minutes after I have landed. She had wanted to visit the beach to test something out, which I had wondered what it was. Could have been one of her usual spell casting practices.

Energy was literally drained from me by the time I reached the beach and Rin was nowhere to be seen.

“Sorry to have let you wait” A female voice called out.

I turned and looked towards the direction of the voice; And there standing was Rin looking gorgeous in her red swimsuit.

Review of Tohsaka Rin from Alter

I had always wanted to get my hands on this figure ever since I saw super rats‘ pictures of her almost 2 years ago (!).

It was all sold out or out of manufacture in most of the online stores and I was very lucky to have spotted her during my spring trip to Japan. Even luckier was that I managed to get the cheapest out of the 3 I found in various stores.

The highest was going at ¥16,800 while I got mine at roughly ¥8,600.


Rin is a 1/6 Alter figure sculpted by Ikuma Kuramoto, who also did the sculpting for the Fate/Stay Night swimsuit girls series (The other being Saber and Sakura) by Alter. For this one, we have Rin looking gorgeous in a red swimsuit, a float hanging from her right wrist while she reveals her hair with her left hand. With such a lovely pose and beautiful bikini, she’s a winner.

Of course with mass produced figures, imperfection follows like a nasty cold. Her hair curls are rather on the sloppy side, and also there are some paint clips on her. But the paint clip’s probably due to me getting her at second-hand. But her curves and eyes will pretty much draw you back to the good points.



^ Notice how the camera automatically focuses on to the cleavage? ^^;

One thing to note though, that she’s in 1/6 scale, which I have to say it currently the largest in terms of scale size in my figure collection. Not that I mind though, as Rin is my favorite anime girl :)

Click on the images to enlarge uh.. the image.

^ Cutesy bum




^ Everyone wants Rin.

Will throw this up onto my Flickr account as well.


Rin Tohsaka by Alter over at HappySoda by super rats

11 thoughts on “Tohsaka Rin, Gorgeous in Red”

  1. Your camera is just as perverted as you, focusing on the cleavage straight away, lol. The skin tones look a little off colour so I assume you were trying for the highlighted look. But her bikini looks hot.

  2. @double: There’s the words 未開封 but there’s tiny bits and pieces of chipping here and there. ORZ

    @gordon: Ah. The one by Clayz. I still prefer the one by Alter. Rin looks much hotter ^^;

    @dice: LOL!

    @Adun: Oh hush! Those look good. I was trying to get the highlighted look yes. And her bikini is hot indeed.

  3. lovely shot angle :D

    this is the only rin figurine that I want, my alter saber needs friend… and toro and kuro, me want too ._.

  4. What a gaze! Love those intense green eyes. For a figure that old, she has nothing to envy recent ones… except maybe that cruel leaning problem we know all. Be sure to take good care of her, but I am sure you will ^^;

    Beautiful selection of angles of view. That is delicious!

  5. As lu-k said be careful with her leaning problem, visit he managed to fix her somehow. What I like in this figure is her hair and eyes, they’re really well made.

  6. @Coco the Bean: I like the last photo too. Adds a humorous feel to the set :)

    @ron~: You could ship your Saber figure over ^^;

    @lu-K: She’s like a novelty, which I think is a reason why I still when out to get her even though it’s an old figure. (Could be I’m just a Rin fan, but you never know) I really just hope it won’t lean like the one at Happysoda :o

    @Belela-san: Haha, I think so too! But which eyes are you referring to? ;p

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