Sumida River and Kimono Ladies


Continuing from the overdue documentation of my Japan trip, this is the second last post for the whole documentation (not including the Suzumiya Haruhi Cosplay shoot). This time, we have a look at Sumida River, located in Asakusa where our hostel’s at and not forgetting the lovely ladies in Kimono.

And oh, I just finished watching Gundam 00, but that’s off topic anyway.

<Picture Intensive Post! Includes school girls and lovely ladies in kimonos>

Sumida River (隅田川, Sumida-gawa) is basically a river that flows through Tokyo, Japan. I don’t really know much about Sumida River actually, besides it being a River, having lots of bridges across it (Similar to Singapore River, except a whole lot cleaner and livelier) and has Sakura trees!

I’m lazy to document about this part, so it will be pictures and some captions along with it.

Pictures should be in chronological order (More or less).


But first. some school girls for you guys.

I spy schoolgirls with my little eye.

Feed the birds, tuppence a bag. Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag!




Taiko drums.


Stop secretly taking photos of me and my date!


KFC is included in the list of foods while viewing sakuras

Oh no! They are with the LOGOS!


I heard taking the boat ride is a waste of money

Shot of one of the many tree branches

If only we could do something like this in Singapore…

Tortured Frankfurter
Choco and Strawberry coated Banana on a stick

A lot of fallen sakuras

Some more flora

Kids doing a musical performance

There was a elementary school by the river where there was a festival as well. I was expecting it to be a high school instead.. ORZ

Sleeping Japanese can be found anywhere…

Sumida River is a very long stretch. Great place to bring a 3D girl around to walk with and talk.

Crossing one of the bridges.

Some cool Oji-san.

Looks like a transition scene used in anime

Nice boats


Food stalls with an designated sitting area beside it

Another one of those anime transition scenes

Yet another anime transition scene!

I am a fan of trains

Not sure if it can be seen but the sakura petals are being blown by the wind

Feels rather surreal

People getting onto the nice boat

The chicken’s pretty okay but the soup sucks

Rickshaws a.k.a Human powered transport

Asahi Beer Hall, which looks much more like a sperm to me ^^;


We then headed to Akihabara where we wasted spent most of our remaining money at.

Come to think of it, Sumida River is actually a pretty exciting place whenever there’s a festival held there.

I’ll post up several panoramas of the pictures I took in Tokyo in a new post once I’ve finish documenting the final post.

4 thoughts on “Sumida River and Kimono Ladies”

  1. Wow!! Those suijobuses (boats) are packed! I remember the one I took to Hinode Pier then to Odaiba was nearly empty, good gracious!

    Any Festivals held in Japan is fun to visit, especially with all the delicious snacks being sold nearly everywhere! I miss having the yakisoba, okonomiyaki, ame-ringo etc, and especially those huge pieces of meat grilled on sticks ^^ (what was it called again I forgot LOL).

  2. @Coco the Bean: Shall we have a walk together? ^^;

    @Hirito: I think it’s becuase of the 祭り (festival) held there that is why everyone wants to take a boat ride. One of the queue went all the way to the halfway mark of the bridge.

    I miss the snacks as well. Yakitori = Meat skewered and grilled.

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