Living with Dreams

^ I know you dream to have 2 real life waitresses as hot as them. Mine too ^^;

Not a usual post that comes from a blog site like this but I’ve been very lost ever since I’ve graduated from school. For those who’re wondering what’s with the post title, I have had dreams every night (I kid you not) for an extended period of time ever since I am back from my Japan trip, which also contributed to me having to change my sleeping times from the usual 12 – 1 in the morning to near 3-ish, waking up only at 10 am or so. Probably my conscience telling me something, like lesser dolphin waxing or try dating some girls or something.

Some of you guys might also know that I have also due to enlist into National Service soon, I do not know the exact date yet as I have not yet received the letter of enlistment, which I hope arrives soon as I don’t wish to get one of those last-minute letters.

Scenario below:

Me: Hey, my letter’s here.
Letter: Dear Sir, We are pleased to inform you that you are duly to report on 3rd May. Here’s a checklist of things to bring […]
Me: Let’s see. 3rd May huh…WAITAMINUTE! That’s 2 days from now! Better do some enhanced dolphin waxing nao!

Or something like that… Anyway. 3rd May’s my birthday so I am really hoping that I don’t receive my letter on that day lol. I predict I’ll most probably enlist in July, and if I don’t, It will be in September.

Just a little update on what I have been doing… basically nothing besides taking photos, watching ‘open source’ movies and reading Gaijinsmash and joining the photo competition. Basically turning into NEET till 6th May where I start on a 5 weeks of full-time Japanese class that is held daily from 2 – 5pm.

Now would you excuse me as I go have a jog to try to break free away from my NEET life and then afterwards go enhance the Yuki cosplayer photoshoot.

And before I forget, I’ll be revamping this whole site over the next few days. I’ll keep posting stuff while the site gets a whole new dolph- face lift. Hot saucy 2D girls included.

Anyone wants to donate for a birthday present? I don’t mind a MacBook Pro. ^^;

10 thoughts on “Living with Dreams”

  1. Hey don’t worry about it man, i’ve been through that and i can tell you that while it’s tough, you’re going to look back and think “Hey that was a pretty good experience and was actually quite fun”. Hang in there.

    Hope u don’t mind i added you to my blogroll.

  2. I know the feeling Windbell, but heck being a NEET is a way of life, if only we could get money from doing nothing it would be a lot better. :p

  3. Thank goodness I only had a 2-3 months wait before I enlisted into NS after graduation, compared to some friends who waited about 6-9 months for theirs (I had one who clocked a 1 1/2 years wait for his… poor guy). At least you found something to do while waiting for the enlistment (taking Japanese classes), rather than slacking around and wasting time.

  4. @Hanif Norman: Sure thing.

    @Deathy: LOL! If only… ORZ

    @gordon: Be a photojournalist/portrait/street photographer? There are so many to name!

    @Hirito: 1 1/2 years is crazy man. I hope I get my letter quick.

    @Hiji: Oh hush! Must get out of NEET… and I miss school actually. At least you’re learning something, though irrelevant to my future courses ^^;

  5. I like gradual learning, not trying to cram a whole course within a period of time that’s less than a day (and when the material is conceptual as this, your brain becomes mushy mush). True that being in school is a rather a unique feeling, one needs to away from something to appreciate it. That being said, shall I take Rin off your hands for a bit? =P

  6. what i heard from my frens is that if u dun receive the letter by end of april, u will be enlisted in the september batch..hey..see u in tekong..T_T

    btw…my fren who got enlisted in the july batch already got their letter.

  7. You seem very happy going to NS.
    NS sucks and i even heard some CRAZY ppl enjoying their SISPEC training. (SISPEC – a training school where they train sergeant just like sousuke from full metal panic)
    To go in early, just call mindef up. No need to wait for letter.
    Oh, and a happy birthday to you.

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