Enlistment into National Service

^ Which will you choose? Left or Right?

A little update, as I have been busy with the photo competition. It’s due next Wednesday!

I wrote a little while back on how I have not received my letter of enlistment for national service, and just 2 days after the post, the letter appeared in my mailbox.

I am due to enlist on 13 September 2008, BMTC School 1 at 10.30am. Anyone in the same time as me? Have mixed feelings about this, as there is about 4 full months before I enter, and during this period, there isn’t really much I can do unless I can find a job that’s willing to take in part-timers ^^; Or I could concentrate on doing full-time Japanese studies…

Good thing is that I don’t have to worry about the possibility of me enlisting next year instead, as there are cases where people do enlist at least a year later. Enlist early and get out early! 2 years of national service and I’m free!

For those who have been through national service, how was it? I’ll take it as training and experience.


Here’s a picture of me using a photo spray mount to stick the photos on the mounting board. Don’t wish to reveal the photos till I have submitted them ^^







16 responses to “Enlistment into National Service”

  1. tj han Avatar

    HAHAHAHA MERRY CHRISTMAS! Watch as this blog goes into a peak of activity in the following 4 months before a sudden death.

  2. Adun Avatar

    You should make another trip to Japan and join me in August! You’ll be hard pressed to find a part-time where you’ll only stay for 3 months, unless it’s contracting work in a specific field, but hey, I don’t know what the SG job market is like so you might be lucky. What you should do is get more fit before you join so you can get through the training easier.

  3. godslayer Avatar

    so they are forcing you to enlist?

  4. icie Avatar

    YAY ITS SO EXCITING! doki doki!

  5. gordon Avatar

    ah yes. please be prepared to be treated like a dog, talked down to, arrowed at and get shouted at by sergeants that might be younger and smaller in size than u for 2 whole years.

    lol i’m kidding.

    if u are interested, u can check out the forum i mod especially this BMT FAQ thread.
    some of the info might be outdated but the list of equipment to bring, ranks and drills commands will be very very useful. do take some time to memorise the ranks and drills.

  6. Tiny Red Man Avatar

    i have yet to get my…..who knows, I’m not wanted =D

    btw..one of my classmates got 13 sept too..

  7. The Sojourner Avatar

    Have you taken the IPPT test prior to enlisting? If you pass it, you will be able to enlist a month later than expected and ORD a month earlier as well. That means, 22 months instead of 24 months of National Service. Adun is sort of right about training prior to enlistment, it makes your recruit days much easier to handle.

    Suffice to say! You are going to suffer and enjoy your days as a ‘smelly’ soldier in the Army.

  8. Rokku Avatar

    Well, i still have around 4 more years to play round till been Enlisted.
    But prepare to be shoot at – From a NCC Guy

    hope you get into Scdf

    Good luck anyway

  9. Hirito Avatar

    4 months to go…that’s quite some time. It’ll be good that if you do have time to spare, there’s part-time jobs out there which will take pre-NS people, maybe doing stuff like data-entry etc. Earn abit here and there to save up for another trip ^^.

    As for NS life, not much I can say, besides that it’s full of s$%&. Be prepared to see others going “POP/ORD LOR” all around you while you still have the huge bulk of the 2 years left in your NS. It’s good to have pass NAFA/IPPT before going in as you’ll save 2 months of your precious life, NS just ain’t worth it.

    If you’re not the chiongster type and hate physical stuff, pray you don’t get into OCS or SISPEC. Hope for a 8-5 admin job or something that lets you stay out. Thank goodness I’m in Air Force ^^. But I’ll say clerks have the “best” times. I see them playing DOTA (that’s what my friend does with about 5 other clerks over the intranet) or surfing the iNET computers most of the time.

    4 words for you: Good Luck, Have Fun. ^^

  10. windbell Avatar

    @tj_han: LOL

    @Adun: Give me money and I can join you in August. But it’s summer there during August!

    @gordon: Will check out the links. Thanks!

    @Tiny Red Man: Let’s hope you get yours soon.

    @The Sojourner: I failed the IPPT test. I don’t mind actually as it’s only a month earlier that you get to ORD.

    @Hirito: Thanks for the advice 🙂

  11. dice Avatar

    I think its really not that bad now. The pay is higher though still pathetic, the food is better and I think they have doors for the shower room now. I stayed in one before and they had to hang ground sheets to substitute as doors for us girls (don’t ask wats a girl doing in an army camp). . .And despite all the horror and ghastly ghost stories I’m sure you’re gonna have a rockin time. Oh by the way, NEVER leave green bean soup (your food ration) in the water bottle when you camp outfield. It’s so gonna stink the next day until the day you ORD!

  12. The Sojourner Avatar

    It is not really a big deal unless you plan to get out of the SAF as soon as possible. But hey… at least you get an extra 2 months of allowance as compared to those who passed the test.

    Holy Jam! My paternal instincts are kicking in upon hearing about your enlistment. Let me stop right here…. uh oh and P.S have you decided on the name of your rifle/waifu?

    @ dice

    lol Green bean soup? Putting milo or lemon tea in your water bottle is a bad move as well. =p

  13. windbell Avatar

    @dice: Advice noted ^^;

    @The Sojourner: Shall name her ‘Rin’ ^^

  14. TP Avatar

    From someone who’s serving in the only organization that doesn’t deal with firearms currently:

    Be glad you are in the army. The situation is 100x much better than here. Trust me, you will never get screwed in the army, apart from the gruelling 3 months in BMTC.

    Depending on your current PES status, if it’s B(Pending), good luck. Upgrade it as soon as possible (or downgrade it, if you refused to be allocated into “high-energy” vocations) by passing your NAPFA. Also, start training early: it helps to keep you prepared for the 3 months.

    Oh, final kicker: enjoy your time. Whatever rocks your boat. I’m still searching for like-minded otaku-enlistees within my intake/unit.

    Also, I chose Right.

  15. don777 Avatar

    mumumu… It’s fully 4 months to initiate.
    I think that it’s CHUTO-HANPA(中途半端, halfway)period.

    As an outsider, It’s my suggestion to dos.

    1) concentration on studying Japanese.
    2) working holiday (ex. in Australia) to earn some
    amount of money, and finding yourself.

    I hope you enjoy upcoming 4 months

    The healine picture is nothng to do with your article!

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