Singapore Young Photographer Award Submissions

^ A quick 10 mins photoshop as I am bad with this

And here’s my submissions for the Singapore Young Photographer Award 2008.

Larger resolution of the photos after the jump!


1. Feline Secrets Kept Under (Nature, Portrait)


2. Keeping Time (Still Life, Architecture)


3. Humpty-Dumpty Cliffhanger (Abstract, Still Life)


4. Green Trumpets, Wooden Audience (Nature, Still Life)


5. A look of Curiosity (Portrait, Still Life)


6. Escape to Utopia (Abstract, Still Life)


Many thanks to those who have helped to brainstorm for the titles of each photo. I am really bad at coming up with titles.

Special thanks to tragic comedy in helping with the selection of photos for submission!

I do hope I can bag myself a prize at the very least ^^

13 thoughts on “Singapore Young Photographer Award Submissions”

  1. Those are really nice photos you have. I like the cat one and the last one. Good luck with the awards!!!

  2. Great pictures. My favorite is “Green Trumpets”. It really looks like it’s growing before my eyes. Awesome, and good luck.

  3. Woho very nice shots Windbell. I really like the feeling of pic #2, and pic #5 is very interresting ^^
    Best of luck for the award!

  4. Awesome shots ^_^, are they HDR? Cause some really look like it, good luck on the competition

  5. WOw its been many months … maybe half a year since i last drop by your blog ! haha …

    nice set of pictures bro. i think i don’t stand a chance anymore

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