The Switch Back – Vista


So I installed Vista again after using OSx86 for more than a month.

It wasn’t because I got sick of OS X (I absolutely love it’s interface actually), but due to running a Hackintosh (on an AMD processor :O), I had expected it to be very much unstable especially when using applications.

<Free Wallpaper Included!>

Why Vista and not XP? I have XP on my laptop and have always love to use multiple OSes.

True enough, Photoshop did crash like falling sakura petals (Byousoku 5cm), making it hard to do any sort of post-processing. Firefox crashes too, just not that often compared to Photoshop, but yeah, it crashes. I needed to use photoshop more than often.

Another reason for the switch back was because programming on the OSx86 was un-comfortable (Partially due to it being a hackintosh). I could have gotten things done much faster on my Windows machine. But I really loved using Coda to code, really wished there was a Windows equivalent.

And the final reason was that I missed being able to watch x.264 codec based videos. VLC renders it painfully slow, making it impossible to watch, having me to resort watching it on my laptop. And I missed playing some games now and then whenever I got bored. Really want to try out Assassin’s Creed and complete my copy of Little Busters! (I’m still at the starting of the game LOL)

That said, I’ll be saving up to get a MacBook Pro ( I got about 300 SGD now, a MBP costs roughly 3,000SGD) and a EOS 5D. Still have OSx86 installed on another HDD so that I’ll be able to boot it up every now and then whenever I need it.

And for those who felt ‘cheated’ for reading a wasted post, here’s a wallpaper I made from one of the photos I took in Japan.

1680 x 1050

It’s 1680 x 1050 so it fits a widescreen monitor. I am distributing it under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

For those who wish to make donations for my MacBook Pro funds (^^;), feel free to use the Paypal button below for donations. I am not forcing nor pleading for a donation, please, do it out of free will and after consulting your finance accountant.

4 thoughts on “The Switch Back – Vista”

  1. To watch h264 encodes on a MacOSX, you should play it in MacPlayerOSX and if you are running Tiger instead of Leopard, you’ll need X11 installed as well. Look it up on the AnimeSuki forums as there’s a help guide there.

  2. Hm, yeah, I’ve noticed OSX86 runs much better on Core Duo and C2D processors… it didn’t even work on my own AMD processor D:

  3. h264 runs great with the Perian prefpane/codec pack. I use it all the time, with virtually no problems. If you ever come back to the good side of the force, you can find it at perian dot org.

  4. love mac interface too…just like double, i emulate my xp to look like a freaking mac leopard fine with me ^_^

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