Real Men Watch Moe

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“Am I gar? You drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens uguu~”

Someone linked this 4chan link to me on IRC. And I just found it helluva funny.

Not pin-pointing any anime watchers in particular.

I watch both anime genres btw. ^^

* Gar – Manly

7 thoughts on “Real Men Watch Moe”

  1. I think it applies to different aspect of man.

    Moe appeals to the male hormones..after all, they turn us on. Some may wax/fap, or for those who dun, even hormones are produced..So, it makes us more manly..

    on the other hand, Gar applies to our manly heart. It makes us more manly in behaviour, more daring if you’re a turtle.. More able to believe in yourself and not lack of self confidence..

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