Windbell, Now Version 20!


OMG I AM 20!

I am now 20 years young, as you can see from the obvious title and first paragraph. Am still shocked that I am now 20 years young. I mean, when I was 19, turning 20 seemed more than 365 days away and boooom, I am older now.

Turning 20 is actually a milestone for me, as firstly, my age now has a ‘2’ instead of a ‘1’ for it’s first digit. Turning 20 also means I am out of being a teenager, and entering the adult world (lol) like piercing through the heavens.

The next decade or so will be a decade of extremes, as it’s a load of excitements, work, more work, alcohol, food, sex, photos etc, till I turn like 30 and look back at the last decade and go “Hey, still not enough fun yet”. But yet again, each year is supposed to be the best year of your life :)

I am pretty happy, turning a year older actually. I think I make a better mature person than I do back when I was younger, still, fun time ^^

And also not forgetting, Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes!  

Now I just need to improve my photography skills, web development skills, get the MacBook Pro, upgrade to a 5D, get a girlfriend… LOL

P.S I can now legally buy alcohol when I’m in Japan.

And the cake is no lie!

30 thoughts on “Windbell, Now Version 20!”

  1. Happy b-day! Wish you meeting lots of moe girls and even more photos about them to show us :)

  2. Bah, I still can’t buy alcohol in Japan yet. And not to mention all other stuff in various shops…

    Anyway, Happy Birthday ^^

  3. Happy Birthday. 20 such a lovely number ^^ wish you the best, and cya in next 365 days, you’ll be even more suprised to turn 21 hehe. Time flies ;)

  4. So you’re two decades old now.. welcome to the club =), and start getting used to drinking. DRINK MORE!!!!

    Happy Birthday (and the cake IS A LIE!!!)

  5. Congrats on hitting the big two zero!! But unlike gordon who wished to be 20, I rather be 22 and have already cleared NS ^^.

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