Birthday Celebration

The cake is no lie!

And here’s a little gathering we had over at Cosafe to celebrate my 20th Birthday and also a belated celebration of 0ne who turned too old last week.

Couple of friends from the otaku-sphere in Singapore.

0ne had planned a surprise for me which was something I couldn’t figure out at all. I had kept thinking the guys were going to make me drink.

Nevertheless to say, I was very, very surprised when I found out there was a birthday cake prepared. But really knocked me off the chair (literally) was that Ferlyn (the boss of Cosafe) was back in Singapore for a short visit. I had only found that out when she brought the cake to the table. I am really bad at reacting to surprises ^^;

Me and Ferlyn (Photo courtesy of Hexlord)

Picture of the meido-chans

I do have to say I really enjoyed myself as this year was certainly different and it was actually a first for me to celebrate my birthday with a group of friends. In the previous years, birthday celebrations were usually just held together with my relatives, with a little exchange of gifts.

Would really thank everyone for attending that little gathering. It was really touching actually and I didn’t know how to react in such a situation. So I just did like what Rei would do and smiled.

Special thanks to 0ne for giving me a treat and also Ferlyn and the kind people at Cosafe for getting me a birthday cake. It was really, really an milestone and experience in my life that I would not want to forget.


And birthday gifts from my friends. The book on Chinese Posters was given by tragic comedy, music CD by shiachan and manga by 0ne.

Once again, thank you all! ^^

P.S: EOS 5D or Macbook Pro?


13 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration”

  1. hoo nice celebration :D

    I wish there’s meido cafe with cute girls like that in melbourne :(

    go macbook pro :D

  2. @Hexlord: Thanks!

    @ron~: Hmm.. Still deciding ORZ

    @tragic comedy: I forgot to mention about him!

    @Hynavian: ふん!

    @Mantoro: No worries!

    @blauereiter: Hehe.

    @Tiny Red Man: ORZ

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