Small Update


A really small update on what’s happening this week.

My Japanese full time course just started on Tuesday and I have been revising each night in order to stay ahead of the class as I have not touched any Japanese textbooks for more than 2 months! Somehow, it seems like I am the only one in class that is doing revision…

Just started working as well, as an assistant of sorts in the photography field. I handle both Nikon and Canon cameras at the moment ^^

Have been really busy with classes, work and revision and also been trying to work on the new theme for a bit. Will post up ‘A week in Singapore’ tomorrow or the day after as I have a birthday party to attend tomorrow evening as well.

For those who have emailed me, I have read your emails but haven’t had the time to reply. Will get to them! Gomenasai!

Are you guys busy with work/school/health caring as well?

9 thoughts on “Small Update”

  1. Nice!!! You take a Jap course…
    Yea, classes like that, you have to study a head to get good makes…
    Be waiting for the next post!!!!!!

  2. ganbare!! looking forward to your portraits~ and those factories!! let me know whenever u need any help in Japanese ^^

  3. Yaya….I’m also sometimes feel like doing some revision just to stay ahead of the japanese class…I’m always staying ahead so I can’t afford to lose it…


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