A week in Singapore 6


Visiting Sim Lim Square to get a pair of headphones. My Prota Pros  died on me as the wires near the audio jack got loose. ORZ

Sim Lim Square, is known as the place for getting most of your electronics and IT goods. I often avoid the first 2 -3 floors as they are known to be tourist traps, with an exception of some shops…


Some yummy Char Kway Teow for lunch. Char kway teow consists of flat noodles, bean sprouts, chilli, cockles, prawns, eggs and not forgetting light and dark soy sauce fried with pork lard to give it the taste.

It’s known for being unhealthy due to the amount of fat content there is, but I really enough it ^^;


Some Glutinous rice with mango and coconut milk. Got these from Thailand airport. Really delicious stuff!


Walking around in the city. The apartment flats in those wonderful colors are known as HDBs.


View of the city skyline at night. Didn’t bring along my tripod so i had to shoot this one with an ISO of 1600 and a really stable pair of hands.


View of the place I’m working at. Has nice cameras and lens :)


Shot of Orchard Road from my Japanese language school.

Orchard Road is the retail and entertainment hub in Singapore. Lots of shopping malls there so remember to bring lots of money when visiting it!


At the food court area of Isetan. Visit it often as my Japanese language school is just beside it. Do you guys visit the city area often?


Some fried chicken dish I had at No signboard restaurant. Absolutely yummy stuff.


Quick Pastamania lunch before heading for Japanese classes. Ordered spicy chicken pasta which turned out too be too spicy ^^;


On the way home during rush hour. Train stations here have a information display that displays the estimated time which the next train will be arriving.

Lots of people looking unhappy here as it was a non-service train..


Kids playing with their PSP and DS Lite. More and more kids seemed to own a handheld console nowadays. Do you own one as well? I have both but don’t really use them now ^^;


At another barbeque party. Remember mentioning that barbeque parties are very common here. I enjoy BBQ so long there’s nice fish and stingray to eat.


Ending this post with a picture of the overcast sky, but with very nice shade of blue.

How was your week? Lots of work/school work/homework/health work?

11 thoughts on “A week in Singapore 6”

  1. What model of headphones did you get?

    Ah… looks like you’re not at Bunka for your full-time lessons!

    Your photos are lovely! Evidently having a dSLR adds a whole new depth to your already awesome shots!

  2. Before I started reading anime blogs I didn’t know much about Singapore, but since there are so many Singapore-based anime blogs, now I learn more every day! Delicious post.

  3. Speaking of spicy pasta from Pastamania, the promotional Japanese Unagi pasta is VERY spicy. I tried it a few weeks back and couldn’t finish it as I ran out of iced tea halfway. Not sure if the promotion is still around, though.

  4. From the looks of this week and past weeks, I’m wondering if Windbell does anything besides eating and going to BBQ parties to eat. LOL

    And I really liked the city at night and the sky picture.

  5. I’m curious as to which headphones you got as well.

    I also notice that the majority of these posts consist of food… hmm…

  6. @Soshi: I haven’t gotten the headphones yet. Will just send my old pair back to Koss to get them repaired

    @Rin: Must be the food ^^

    @sammyb: Thanks!

    @Coco the Bean: You should try durian as well ^^;

    @Sylon Beta: LOL! I was wondering if I could finish my own spicy chicken as well.

    @Deathy: Not forgetting Japanese classes and work too! I’ll take a better shot when I head down with my tripod the next time.

    @Hiji: To make you hungry :)

    @Kesenaitsumi: Dame da!

    @Tiny Red Man: Oh yes! Will cover it. Thanks!

  7. I am glad u enjoyed ur stay in singapore ^^ … anyway are u a photographer?? Cause u r working in a studio rite?? anyway I like your anime ring tones going use it for my phone ^^ oh ya u shld have taken a pic of sentosa ^^ its a beatuiful place minus all background….

  8. @Tiny Red Man: its not unusual any more…. -_-.. and besides technology improves and most pple use dryer then to sun dry cloths…. or use the ready build cloth stand to dry of cloths.

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