Idol Photobooks and The Rules of Thirds

Natsuko Tatsumi is love <3

Don’t know how many of you guys/gals actually buy idol photobooks but I got my first one recently. It’s Leah Dizon’s latest and fourth photobook “Pure Leah”.

I like Leah Dizon for her looks as she has that balance of beauty and exoticism due to her mixed ethnicities which makes her “WOW!” The photos in the book wasn’t really that great but there were a couple of shots that were pretty interesting, and it was only then that I realized I had been so stupid.

Idol Photobooks may not be the best reference out there but there are actually pretty good books for studying portraits and also health caring. Ignore the fact that the girls are scantily clad and look deeper and I actually realized that the portrait shots in these books follow what we call in composition – the rules of thirds.


The Rules of thirds is basically a compostional rule which is recommended for photography and other visual arts. In a image, there are certain areas or spots which make an image look much more aesthetically pleasing and nicer looking, or in simpler terms, bringing more life and energy into your photos, making them much more interesting.

I am no expert in composition but I’ll try my best to explain how it has been applied in the photos.


For this photo, you have Natsuko Tatsumi sitting by the pool. By using the rules of thirds, you will realize that the line V2 (Vertical 2) covers the back of her body and the lines H2 and V1 intersects at her thigh.


Let’s take a look at the top image then.

We have Natsuko Tatsumi looking at the camera, with Sayuri Otomo in the background. Notice how Natsuko’s face, ribbon and wrist are the subject of interest while Sayuri is at the point where V2 and H1 intersects, obeying the rules of thirds.


Another photo where the rules of thirds have been used. Both Sayuri and Natsuko are standing along the lines of V1 and V2 respectively. If you placed either of them in the center and took the other out, the image would be very boring.

Notice the pantsu as well ^^;


Of course, like most rules, the rules of thirds can be broken as well!

In the image above, the rules of thirds have been broken (I think, can anyone confirm this?) and the subjects (Natsuko and Sayuri) have been placed in the dead-center.

The rules of thirds also highly applied to landscape photographs as photographers will place something at one of the intersections (where points H1 and V1 meet, H2 and V1 etc). Another way is to divide the images into different segments – Foreground, Main scene and Background.

Man, I wanted to tell you more about Idol Photobooks but I ended up telling about the rules of thirds instead. Hope you can apply this technique into your photography!

P.S I prefer the girls to be in school uniform or clothed than to be in swimsuit as a lot of these idol photobooks have the girls in swimsuits :/

The images in this post has been taken from the Sayuri Otomo and Natsuko Tatsumi photo set I found online.

20 thoughts on “Idol Photobooks and The Rules of Thirds”

  1. Nice lesson Windbell, but from what I remember from my very old photography class, this rules applies only for photos that are still. If there’s any sense of moving object (like running or something) you don’t put the object where the H and V lines meet… I dunno if I’m right, correct me if I’m wrong.

    Swimsuits are nice and one piece swimsuits are sexy.

  2. LOL that’s because you don’t get to see cute uniforms as those here in SG but the swimsuits. . . they dully remind us of our primary 4 swimming survival tests!

  3. Nice pictures bro !

    O.o ! i thought you are suppose to put the eyes on the H and V intercept point. for a more “better” composition

  4. animes have more rules of third as compared to photography…

    the last picture does have a little rules of third, but it uses more balance. Notice the reflection? it creates composition too. And the fact that the line of reflection is on the Vertical line of the rules of thirds could meant that the photographer is trying to integrate both rules together..

    forgive my crappines if i’m wrong. U_U

  5. I had heard about the rules of thirds before, but never really got to understanding it or applying it. I’ve learned something new today! Will try to practice on this technique, seems really effective. Thanks!!

  6. Cool explanation! I’m now trying to crop my photograph into that composition and it looks great.
    But the techniques only useful in simple modeling. I realize that the technique is hardly to use in group photo. Any tips on composing the scene of many people together?

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous girl but in my opinion the pantsu wasn’t necessary. Never heard of that rule of the thirds, it sure is interesting, of course all rules can be broken and in there comes the artistic look of the photographer.

  8. I think you`re right that the last shot was not framed according to the rule of thirds. Just because it exists doesn`t mean it must be followed in every picture ;p
    I think they`re making use of that handle bar[and the handlebar in the reflection] to lead to the idols instead.

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