[Sticky] KKnM: Chocolate Cornet V.S Melon Pan

It’s the battle of the lolis!

For this battle, we have Konata (Lucky Star) v.s Shana (Shakugan no Shana)!

Show your love for your loli by voting for the favorite food they enjoy the most!


For every $30.00 spent at The Anime House, Nandemoya and KKnM, customers will be entitled to one lucky draw coupon which will also act as a voting slip.

There will also be a mini event at KKnM itself from 24th May (Sat) – 25th May (Sun) to close off the mini campaign.

Lucky Draw winners will be picked on the 25th May (Sunday). and will get your prize as long as it’s announced that you win it and winners will be contacted.


1st Prize: Nintendo DS Lite
2nd Prize: Lucky Star Nendroid Set (Konata and Kagami)
3rd Prize: 6 Months Subscription to Megami Magazine
4 x Consolation Prizes: $25 Vouchers from Nandemoya

*Mystery prize for the winner at the winning side.

More information on the website itself.

P.S Banner grabbed off Collateral Damage Studios and I edited the word ‘Cornet’ as it was spelt as ‘Coronet’ in the original.

8 thoughts on “[Sticky] KKnM: Chocolate Cornet V.S Melon Pan”

  1. Seems interesting…
    I wonder is it for everyone…
    This looks like it for people who live in a certain area…
    I would pick Konata!!!!!!! The unbeatable Otaku!!!!

  2. seems like almost every anime bloggers in singapore is helping to promote this. makes me wonder does KKnM give privileges to those who help to advertise for them?

  3. In fact, KKnM does. It is stated in the campaign page that if they see the banner on any animeblogger’s site, the owner will receive a little something of some sort.

  4. SnooSnoo,
    I see. no wonder so many animebloggers are helping them to advertise. but how would they know one is advertising for them? surely they can’t visit all the local anime blogs out there. and how would they know u are who u claim u are when u go collect your little-something i wonder.

  5. We’ll ask those anime bloggers who win when the 25th comes XD
    I think KKnM will just random browse some blogs and give prizes to those lucky ones.

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