Nida Schuetlich Teaser

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Apologize for not updating the past few days. I have been just way too busy. There was a long weekend last week and I was out of the house the whole day during the weekend.

Here’s a ‘teaser’ picture of Nida Schuetlich from Shuraki Box 04. My PC is down again – yes, I am getting a new 500GB hard drive after Japanese class tomorrow and have been backing up my data. Damn those 320GB Seagate Barracudas. I have two (including the current one) that have died on me! Got to get them RMA-ed.

Just a note, I realized that Photoshop doesn’t seem to read my camera’s RAW files properly. After editing a photo in Photoshop and saving it as a JPEG file, the colors are duller and the effects are different from what I want – so I have to turn the effects up way higher than what I see in Photoshop, which is quite a bother. It’s probably my laptop’s (Acer) color management.

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  1. I had the same problem when I tried to use for the first time raw files on photoshop. Apparently Photoshop can’t read Sony raw files and some other camera raws so we have to download a patch so that it can read the raw files.

    Anyway, after touching up my raw pictures and saving them I noticed that they didn’t came out with the colors I wanted after saving them, this was because of the coloring mode I was saving the jpeg files, can’t remember exactly what was the name of the color mode you’re supposed to use so that the jpeg files look the way you see the raw on the photoshop, so you have to save each file with different color modes adobe98, pro photo color, etc… and choose the one you like best. Currently I only use Adobe Lightroom to touch up and organize my pictures.

  2. looking forward for the pictures :)

    the color difference must be caused by the photoshop color management (SRGB, Adobe RGB, etc.., mozilla only supports SRGB). if it’s your laptop, you will see the same color between adobe and browser, but different color when you see the image on different machine ^^;

  3. @Belela-san: I guess I’ll give Lightroom a try when I get back home later tonight. I am thinking it is the color management/modes.

    @ron~: Hm.. thanks for the heads up! ^^; Looks like I have to experiment around till I get the desired effects

  4. Have you tried updating the raw plugin and saving the files as PNG instead? It kinda helps although its hard for me to gauge colours as I am colour blind.

  5. ron~ is right, I think that was the mode that I currently use the SRGB. You probably want to use that one next time you work on your pictures

  6. Be waiting on the pictures!!!
    Pictures from a camera and photoshop. I had that problem too. But, like what Ron~ and Belela-san, you just need to make some minor adjustments and your okay…

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