Shuraki 04 – Nida Schuetlich, Beautiful Soldier


It was often said that hot girls and big guns don’t mix, but that’s just what it was in the past. You really have to wonder why do hot girls and big guns mix, they just seem so irresistible.

Clothed in uniform makes Nida Schuetlich a beauty in a row of soldiers lined up together. I guess it’s the pink hair as well, but I’m more of a sucker for purple/brown and black. Sometimes I wonder if Nida was meant to bring more life into the battlefield.. their weapons of mass destruction comes in really handy, if you know what I mean 😉


Review of Nida Schuetlich (Shuraki Box 04) from Good Smile Company

Nida from Good Smile Company is probably one of the more seemingly proportionally accurate figures from the Shuraki series. It doesn’t have too unrealistic (big) breasts, nor exceptionally huge anime eyes. I really like how Good Smile has kept her from turning into too much of an anime-ish character.

Of course with these stuff toned down; Nida did not really seem very much attractive at a first glance, but upon observing her from different angles (upskirt lol), I realized she emits some sort of mysterious aura that attracts you in.


This is one figure which I actually prefer to pose her in battle clothes mode, as compared to Akatsuki Mishiro (Shuraki Box 01) or Char Rhousemann (Shuraki Box 03). Not real particular reason here, but probably because it is much more attractive and eye-catching ^^;



Nida stands on a gravel-textured base, which has 2 pegs to support her. I have not tried standing her without the base though.

One thing I did not really like is how her battle mode top does not seem to be able to clip together properly, leaving somewhat a gap there.






Obligatory Pantsu Shot, as required by all female figures.


No messing with Nida!


And for those who prefer Nida in Lingerie mode with a magic staff ^^

P.S After uploading the pictures, they seem duller and the effects are different when I view it on my PC itself. Anyone with issues like that? I’m using Windows Live Writer for posting and sRGB color mode/space on my EOS 400D.



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11 responses to “Shuraki 04 – Nida Schuetlich, Beautiful Soldier”

  1. Danny Choo Avatar

    Its the way broswers display color I think – check in diff browsers.

  2. ron~ Avatar

    nice shots, I ordered mine yesterday.. after looking the review photos. She’s going to be my first shunya yamashita designed figurine :p

    for the color issue: when you use photoshop, save it for web device.

  3. Rin Avatar

    Real Nice!!!!!!!
    I like the shoot a lot!!!
    Your second last one is funny!!!!!!!
    Might consider getting this figure…

  4. gordon Avatar

    pink hair? i’m very sure it’s purple.

  5. Deathy Avatar

    Nida was the first in Shuraki series to caught my attention she’s so damn hot. Now I just need to wait for mine to arrive.

  6. windbell Avatar

    @Danny Choo: They look the same when viewed on different browser :/

    @ron~: Will try that out. That could have been the issue. Thanks for the heads up! Didn’t know it was a Shunya figure!

    @gordon: Mixture of pink and purple? ^^;

    @Deathy: Hehe.

  7. Tiny Red Man Avatar

    i nid her to be my officer when I get into tekong…

  8. rain Avatar

    lol… where did the magic staff come from?

  9. Szkoła jazdy Wrocław Avatar

    Things you brought up a lot of sense.I like it! Greetings!

  10. imprezy urodzinowe dla dzieci warszawa Avatar

    I definitely prefer reading your blog as the postings are simple to read and follow.

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