The ‘Trap’ Family Story


So how many have you fell in love with? ^^

I bought a Mizuho figure by accident in the past and it has haunted me ever since… ORZ

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  1. This is scary, there’s only a few in that picture who I don’t recognise.
    I’ve clearly been watching far too many series with traps in them.

  2. the only one i know for sure are chicks is the one with the 2 girls with animal ears

  3. I didn’t fell in love with any, but most of them tricked me the first time I saw them, like Tieria, the one from Moyashimon and the one from H2O, the twins from Utawarerumono were never quite explained their sexuality, even in the game they don’t mention their sexuality (I think, haven’t played it for quite a while). Well I know at least 7 of those characters XD

  4. Dori and Gura, the two archers from Utawa, are male. I remember them saying it somewhere in the game. I think its the scene where Oboro got drunk.

  5. Well… V.V. sure isn’t a trap, he just looks like one.

    Hanging around the Emperor of Britannai and sporting long hair does that to you, apparently.

  6. I recognize 1)Makoto from Minami-ke, 2)Nadeshiko/Nagishiko from Shugo Chara, 3)Hayate from Hayate no Gotoku, 4)Chiharu from Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de, 5)Ryoji from Ouran High School Host Club and 6)Hamaji from H2O. Thats all D=
    I gotta say I loved Hamaji from the beginning of the show, I think it was her squeaky voice. Until Yugi released the “Trap” card on me in episode 04.

  7. @Hinano: Not all of them are?! Time to fap to those who aren’t ^^;

    @Dop: LOL!

    @Deranged: The truth hurts :/

    @Hirito: Hmm… indeed Watarase Jun is hot.

    @Setsuna-san: Haha!

    @C.I: Bridget huh. I remember thinking he was a she..

  8. I’d fuck any of them, however Peppo will always be my favorite trap. I TOTALLY fell for it, and once I found out it was actually a guy, I was head-over-heels in love. Hayate-chan and Haruhi’s dad are great too. I’d pick Mako-chan, but he’s such a slut XD

  9. How does V.V. get in there and not C.C. ???

    Yuuki should be in there too. If anyone was a literal trap without realizing it, she would fit perfectly.

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