Streetfest Teaser


Just got back from Streetfest and a gathering with a few of my friends. Been busy the over the weekend and I haven’t had the time to post-process the photos I have taken.

Streetfest (Street Festival) is a festival to promote youth activities and allow them to showcase their talents and skills in visual arts, fashion, lifestyle trends etc.

Lots of J-rock, Gothic Lolita and some cosplay stuff at Streetfest today. I’ll try to get the images up as soon as possible as it would be a busy week for me during the next week as well ^^;

Will reply to the comments in the morning. I’m so tired now orz

9 thoughts on “Streetfest Teaser”

  1. Hmm.. I went to streetfest too. Well, stumbled into it actually, at Youth Park. It was mostly of the graffiti variety. Took a few shots, but didn’t realise there was gonna be J-subculture on show. From your pic, it was held at Suntec, I gather?

  2. Windbell, dammit, I saw you again after our meetup and I was about to ask if you wanted to go for dinner with us, but you disappeared. You left around 6? Looking forward to your pics, I know the lighting sucked though, but yours will be better than mine, and probably a few others.

    Gordon, yeah same girl.

    TRM, LOL.

  3. LOL Windbell, I was part of the group that was supposed to meet you, but I had to run off to work.

    Great photos nonetheless, upz for you. ^^

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