A week in Singapore 7


First up is the Sony Advertisement for their VAIO laptops that can been found along the bus stops of Orchard Road.

I really like this advert as it is really creative and has nice ladies in it. There are 2 more Sony Adverts with more nice ladies in it. Have tried taking a picture but the reflection from the glass makes it hard to see.

Will try to borrow a circular polarizer to reduce the glare. I like the ladies in this advert, especially the one with the pink VAIO ^^;


A funny notice that can be found in the underground stations. This one shows how you should be considerate and stand by the side of the yellow markings and give way to alighting passengers.

Over in Singapore, we always have people standing in front of the doors, which blocks alighting passengers from exiting as they try to enter at the same time. They are probably rushing to get seats or something or even rushing home to dolphin wax. I always stand by the side to avoid problems like these.

While visiting Tokyo, Japan, I realized that the people there obey the rules and stand along the designated markings on the station platforms. How is it like in your region?


Crowded train is crowded. I like to stand by the train doors (Like the guy in the black shirt is doing) as it allows me to get off and board the train easily. There’s a divider where you can sort of lean on.


A street busker. I remember seeing lots of street buskers like this guy here holding on a pose for several hours or so, only switching their pose after several hours. Seen street buskers like him in London and Sydney, but not in Tokyo.


Some fried rice and egg for lunch. Tastes pretty okay.


Some tasty chicken with black pepper sauce or something for dinner at a dinner gathering with a couple of polytechnic classmates.


I find mannequins fascinating.


Backing up my HDD using xcopy.


Some Macdonalds Hotcakes for breakfast. Only other thing I enjoy from MacDonalds is the Hot apple pie. I think I mentioned this before ^^;


Some Fish Fillet and mashed potatoes for dinner. Tasted pretty good.


A information display panel that tells you the estimated arrival time of the next bus and the one after. Pretty handy but yet not really accurate at times. They only seem to have these in the city area though.


Coupon Parking along this stretch of road. Parking fees differ from location to location and also the time of the day as well. We do have electronic parking here but I’ll cover that some other time ^^


Safety Sign at a construction site.


Some delicious Yakitori by the basement of Suntec city.


Don’t have a nice landscape photo so I decided to use this photo of the train station.

How was your week?

P.S A couple of you guys have commented on the previous ‘A week in Singapore‘ saying that you hoped I enjoyed my stay here. Just to clear any misunderstanding (or not), that I am actually Singaporean and am residing in Singapore lol ^^;



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16 responses to “A week in Singapore 7”

  1. Tiny Red Man Avatar

    I LOLed hard at her comment!!

  2. gordon Avatar

    standing by the train doors blocks the train doors as well. 🙁

  3. Coco the Bean Avatar

    I live in the suburbs so there aren’t any trains in my area. But when I go ride the subways in downtown L.A. there’s never enough people to have crowding/boarding problems.

  4. Danny Choo Avatar

    LOL at folks not knowing you live in SG

  5. Hexlord Avatar

    I like the Sony Vaio ads! Haha!

  6. sammyb Avatar

    That chicken looks yummy 🙂

  7. MrMayat Avatar

    Do you use a CPL or GND filter for your skyscapes? Because the DOF on the clouds seem to show that.

    (Cue shameless plug)
    I also highlighted/posted a pic of the bus-stop display board in the same week for my walkabout series. What are the odds? At least you do food shots…
    (Shameless plug end)

  8. Joshua Avatar

    Yea the bus timing thing is not accurate but you can find them out of town too … hmm of example

    at the bus stop at tanah merah mrt station, only one side has this

  9. windbell Avatar

    @gordon: 🙁

    @Coco the Bean: I can’t imagine living in the suburbs. I really love trains. ^^;

    @Danny Choo: I LOL-ed myself ^^;

    @Hexlord: It’s a ad most guys like!

    @MrMayat: I’m using a B W F-pro UV filter and that’s about it. No CPL or GND filter. How do you tell from the DOF?

    @Joshua: They should have the displays at the heartlands instead. Much more helpful IMO

  10. MrMayat Avatar

    From what I gather, CPL and GND filters help achieve the “pop out” effect for the clouds. I use an NC filter, but my skyscapes are flat. Then again, different clouds give off different feel/texture.

    Keep up the good work. It’s always intriguing to see another person’s POV through the lens.

  11. blauereiter Avatar

    You pictures of the local cuisine is making my stomach growl. :p

  12. J Avatar

    I really loved ur ” a week in singapore” series. looking at the pics really make me miss home. keep up the good work

  13. BradleyF81 Avatar

    I thought your article was interesting. I’m an American living in Singapore so I was interested to see what someone else thought of living here. Didn’t know you were Singaporean until you mentioned it. I’m always amused at the women that stand right in front of the doors for the trains here. Singaporeans definitely have more courtesy when it comes to boarding and offloading the trains than people in New York City though.

    Oh and by the way… I’m not sure why you posted a picture of your breakfast, but it was good for a laugh, because that’s what I had for breakfast this morning.

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