Sayuri Ohtome is <3

So I am now officially a NEET after attending the graduation ceremony that was held a few days ago.

I have officially graduated from school, and now holding onto a Diploma in Information Technology, with an addition of a Diploma Plus in Japanese.

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  1. well done son, i’m so proud of u. *shed tears*

    anyway i see poly graduates wear graduation gown now is it? during my time we don’t have that. just long sleeve and tie i think.

    this kinda brings back sad memories as i didn’t attend my graduation because i as in the army, in the forest of tekong with my rifle rushing up that bloody hill. orz

  2. @MrMayat,
    my graduation was during my fieldcamp. if i were to go for the graduation, i will have to redo the fieldcamp which i will rather not.

  3. it’ll be great if we can graduate from Sayuri Ohtome’s school..together with her…

    btw..9 to 6 is not that to mine of 8 to 10..this includes other activities after work. Healthy activities!!

  4. Congrats on graduating, though you and your parents don’t look all that happy in the photo. Where are the smiles??

  5. @Rokku: I don’t know yet. Most probably overseas…

    @IcyStorm, Coco the Bean, MrMayat, Lsio: Thanks!

    @Mizuu: More responsibilities lies ahead now.

    @Soshi: ありがとう!

    @don777: ORZ

    @Panther: 3 more months till NS…

    @Tiny Red Man: And be sit beside her ^^;

    @Adun: Too many people to smile around haha

    @gordon: That’s a first :)

    @blauereiter: ありがとう!

  6. Epic late, but congrats, Windbell ^^

    Ngee Ann Poly right? Shame, I wasn’t from the school of Information Tech, they were employing ushers, same went for FMS.

    Next step, NS, good luck!

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