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Didn’t have a cute 2D image to use so here’s a Louise cosplayer for you guys ^^;

Okay, now to the main point.

Many of you have contacted me via email regarding a couple of site issues that have appeared while visiting the blog.

One of the main issues covered was being unable to leave comments on posts due to the math captcha not appearing. I have tentatively disabled the math captcha plugin and you guys should be able to leave comments.

Have just started with the planning of the new theme so right now I need your input as to any issues you currently face while visiting this blog. Suggestions on site improvements are highly welcomed as well!

9 thoughts on “Site Issues”

  1. Isn’t she from one of those adult cosplay sites? I guess I saw her before but I might be wrong.

    As for site issues, I never had any problem to comment or anything else. And as for site improvements… change the poll! LOL j/k

  2. Math issue thingie until recently was a problem, even before you removed it, I finally managed to see it somehow. Otherwise I have no further comments on your site…sometimes it loads a little slowly but that can be attributed to Dreamhost, which I think you are on?

  3. @deathy: which adult cosplay site? >=3

    @windbell: do u plan to upgrade to WP 2.5? Some sidebar news would be fine. RSS, etc..But me look forwards to the new site. ^o^

  4. Math issue thing also didn’t become a problem for me till some time back.

    And let the new theme be ZnT based! In celebration of Season 3!

  5. @Deathy: LOL! Yes, I’ll change the polls ^^;

    @Panther: I’m on dreamhost. It seems to load pretty fine. Will try out more optimization techniques.

    @Tiny Red Man: I’ll be upgrading to the latest WP build, which is 2.5.1 at the moment. Will try out the sidebar news.

    @C.I: The Math Captcha only started to break recently? I’m still thinking of a basis for the theme ^^;

    Thanks for the feedback!

  6. I say keep the math thing in the comment away or off!!!!!!
    I don’t want to always solve it, it’s easy but annoying after a while…

  7. it happened to me too it din apper but i solved it …

    beside you name under the leave a reply section press change and the math thing will be in there !

  8. @Tiny Red Man: Maybe B.L.T but probably I’m wrong, especially since I haven’t been checking if there’s any new sites about adult models doing cosplay photoshoots. Maybe Windbell can help us instead of keeping all the goods for himself. XP

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