The Switch 3 – MacBook Pro

^ Cat looks at you looking at pantsu!

So I have made the switch and is now using a MacBook Pro with OS X 10.5.3 (Upgraded to 10.5.3 a few days after I got my MBP).

I would say I love the interface of the OS X. It’s very smooth and lovely.

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The packaging was absolutely gorgeous, compared to other laptop packagings where they usually plaster it with specs, technical information and such. I wonder how much money was spent on the packaging alone… ^^


The Macbook Pro comes with little additional accessory add-ons. Just the power adapter, extension cord, DVI-VGA monitor adapter and a box containing manuals (looked thru for 20 secs and tossed them aside) together with driver cds for bootcamp into Windows. And of course Domo-kun as well.


Would need to spend some time to get used to the keyboard but I love the multi-touch capabilities included with the MBP. I can now pinch to zoom in/out whenever I’m viewing photos, rotate images etc. The backlight of the keyboard is also a great feature. Especially useful when you’re unable to turn the lights on at night.

Did run into a couple of annoyances though, such as the MBP hanging all of the sudden or lagging really bad. Happened to me once or twice.


And here’s the my current desktop set up. Connected my 22″ Chimei Monitor to the MBP via a DVI output port so that I can use dual screens for higher quality ero- I mean, coding and also have more space to edit photos on. The MBP will also be my main desktop/laptop for web coding as I am about to decommission my about-to-be-old desktop which have served me loyally for near to 3 and a half years. Might use it as a file server or something.

Am using a Pink Chu Chu wallpaper at the moment which keeps me sane and happy as I can hit F11 whenever I need to look at some pantsu before going back to surfing the net etc. ^^; Kawaii girls

How is your desktop like?

P.S Any Macbook Pro users have tips on how to take care of the battery? Have heard that it drains out pretty fast if you leave it charged for long periods of time. I do not really plan to move my MBP around often so is it okay to leave it charging all the time? Taking out the battery will apparently clockdown the CPU…

24 thoughts on “The Switch 3 – MacBook Pro”

  1. Apple’s packaging is great. When I got my MacBook in 2006, I was surprised at how compact everything was. I thought some boxes were missing because Dell sent a huge box over for my previous computer.

    As for battery care, just flick out the power cord from time to time while you’re using it and let the battery drain almost completely. That should keep things working, I think. I’ve had my battery for almost 2 years and it still seems to be working decently.

  2. Welcome back!
    Yeah Macs have a great GUI, but especially in Leopard, can lag like no other compy. Don’t know how much RAM you’ve got, but a gig should work just fine. I’m stuck with 512mb :p
    Well, enjoy yourself!^^

  3. I believe I voiced my concern about the MBP before and it’s cooling capabilities…. time for a cooler? =P

    PS: Nice addition, personally prefer the macbooks as the are smaller but good buy nonetheless.

  4. Hmm, still think Windows Vista is better. My software engineer friend over at Adobe tells me that Adobe products work better in Vista than OSX.

  5. Mac is the way!! Be prepared to say bye bye to windows ^^
    some basics, don’t use iphoto, it takes up alot of unnecessary space. cocoviewX is not bad as a replacement. Taking out your battery will prolong its life; no effect on CPU so far for me. Useful icons to put into your dock are the “grab” for window shots or else apple shift 4 works well too.. also the disc utility icon for spring cleaning, both under “utilities”. Congrats on your new toy!

  6. @Caitlin: I read about flcking out the power cord from time to time to imrpove the battery life from some other forums.

    @sammyb: Have 2 GBs on my MBP :)

    @gordon: Hi-Res Pantsu wallpaper there *nosebleed*

    @Hiji: My MBP is running at 50C with the fans at 4000 rpm. Have thought of getting a cooler but got speedballs to raise the MBP up to allow air to enter from below.

    PS: I didn’t really like the specs on the MB as they don’t seem to worth the money…

    @Soshi: Yup! Got it from Singapore’s Online Apple Store

    @Darrel: There are some features in Vista that I do miss ^^

    @Adun: I is steal from the bank

    @kiki: Have not used iPhoto at all ^^ Am using atm for system maintenance. Thanks for the shortcut tip!

    @Tiny Red Man: Have tried ubuntu but I didn’t really like it.

    @ron~: Hackintosh and MBP for me ^^

  7. I pretty much dislike any form of Mac, so yeah. However, what I cannot ever dismiss is how stylish and dare I say, sexy the Macs are.
    Really, I just wish they would lower prices or something, because being in the Apple club is apparently highly exclusive.

  8. 4000 RPM? Small fan =|

    The only reason I even consider the MB is it’s size. For a 13.3 incher, it’s not bad, but the recent announcement of the 3G iphone is rather tempting (actually very tempting, but I’ll wait to see how it plays out over here).

  9. I have a macbook, no MBP T_T

    Although I’ve heard you have an extremely short battery life with an MBP, isit true? XD

    I like the interface, but it’s laggy and problematic as hell, VLC keeps hanging on me, my XP VLC had no such problem.

    Oh, and 2GB’s here too. ^^

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