Mannerism on Trains


“家でやろう” or “Please do it at home” is an manner poster series that can been commonly found in the subway trains stations of Tokyo.

I remember seeing the above sign in most of the train stations while visiting Tokyo in April and what had prompted me to take this photo was because the guy in the poster looked more like he was about to jerk off while browsing that magazine instead of sharing the seat with the salaryman that’s standing up so that they could jerk off together.

Okay, enough of making fun of the funny poster and onward to the main topic; how is mannerism on the trains in your country/region like?

First, a incident in Tokyo.

During my trip to Japan last September, I still remember an incident (or not) that happened on the train while I was making my way down to the holy land of Akihabara. It being my first train ride down to Akiba, I decided to take a seat just opposite this really cute twintail (OMG) high school girl. The train journey down to Akiba would took roughly about 1 hour and decided to observe the girl.

Just a few minutes after the train had left the station, our twintail girl there decided to extract a remarkable cosmetics case and began applying eyeliner, some pancake makeup, and using that metal tweezer-like thing that is used for adjusting something around the eyes.

I had first though she was just doing some quick touch-ups to her face, probably meeting her boyfriend or someone afterwards, and didn’t bother much with her applying makeup on the train. But, I was wrong.

As the train passes by each station, I couldn’t help but wonder how long she was going to take with her makeup. During the whole train journey, I was observing her applying several cosmetics on the same spot of her face, tweaking and adjusting everything to near-perfection, before retrying and repeating the steps over and over again. I was pretty amused by this and would have wanted to take a picture of her but my lack of Japanese speaking ability at that time failed me ORZ

Now, mannerism onboard the trains in Singapore.

Often see people talking loudly on their mobile phones or blasting loud music from their phone speakers and making a din. Others include, children running around and people eating on board the trains. I am however, guilty for one of those as I often do drink water on the trains as well ^^;

How is mannerism on the trains in your country/region like? Are you guilty of any ‘offences’ as well?

More manner posters can be found at the Tokyo Metro site <Link>

P.S Took a one week hiatus to settle some personal matters and take care of my health ^^;

P.S.S Am getting interviewed ^^;

21 thoughts on “Mannerism on Trains”

  1. Here in sunny California we don’t have trains…people here just drive their Hummers through crowds of defenseless infants while yapping on their cell phones bitching about how much gas costs. It’s more driving etiquette people are lacking over on this side of the Big Pond, but I’m sure if we had trains people would be guilty of all the offenses described above…

  2. I can’t stand chin@ ppl when they just run it into the train and dash to the nearest available seat, if there is. Then they thought that “Oh, we used to tok loudly at our hometown, I too must tok loudly over here in Singapore. @#%$#%$^#$#$&^@%$&@#$^$%^%$”

  3. If I am alone in the trains here locally I usually observe others and keep quiet…and if I am with a bunch, chatting all the way is good.

    And have fun at the interview, heard about it from Double. Give us more rep, even if it is for males undergoing puberty lol.

  4. Well, on the train or subway. I listen to music on my iphone or MP3. It’s a good way to pass the time. As many times I’ve been on a subway, I have never seen anybody that act like a jerk or something like that.
    I once did see a guy act real strangely. Like saying things that made no senses what so ever. Scary…what the guy said though…

  5. Basically what suguru said. People really do talk on their cell phones too much while driving; sometimes when I’m bored I’ll just sit and count how many yappers pass by.
    On the very rare occasion that I ride a train there aren’t very many problems, with the exception of the noisy kid and the guy who has his ipod on too loud.

  6. I live on the same piece of land as u. That photo does not really represent our trains. I kiss the walls, rub shoulders wtih multi nationalities, all the time; most of them dark skinned with choking perfume smell and some broadcast music that only his kind would appreciate, from their mobile phones. Worst, there are some from further up north who are the loudspeakers themselves and they really do yak non-stop as if they’d like the whole train to know about their not-so-private lives.

    Every time I take the trains I nearly faint. I would never take the trains if not for the Taxi/Cab fare hike and the multiple ERP gantries that “magically” sprang up.

  7. @suguru: Haha. Better to keep them on the road for now.

    @Panther: I think a lot of people do the same as well. I would either bring along a book to read, or just observe people.

    @Rin: They don’t blast their MP3 players or phone speakers eh. Got to try visiting Canada’s subway lol

    @Coco the Bean: Isn’t that like dangerous. You’ll have to concentrate on driving and also on what the person on the other side of the phone is talking about.

  8. There’s nothing wrong with drink water on a train =/.

    That being said, people play music loudly from their earbuds, talk on their cell, and chatter away over here as well, but that only happens about 30% of the time (and I get on the rush hour train). My headphones do wonders in blocking out noise so I can drown in music.

  9. Canada subway is usually silent. Aside from the sound of the train. No one in Canada will use speakers and blast their music. People are pretty nice in some way here.

  10. well, i didn`t see anyone blasting loudspeakers in the MRT yet.
    But the bus, lots of them are blasting loudspeakers.

    Wait, i thought eating and drinking in MRT is normal?

  11. In London, people actually keep to the left while riding the escalators. Although such practices are not seen here in Singapore, it does not really mean we are inconsiderate blokes totally. Just that such a culture never was innoculated into our society.

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