Unlimited Drawing Works! 

Have not drawn in ages. Just did this one a few hours back.

I must try drawing a different pose and from a different angle the next time!

My art still sucks lol ^^; She needs a better expression and posture.

Do you draw often as well?

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  1. Use to draw a bit but still sucked… I hadn’t for the longest while because of exams and when I got back into it, I had trouble doing the things I could do naturally before D:

  2. practice drawing 3d girls/men/objects first..
    your skills will level up after hard grinding.
    i realise that Drawing is like a grinding MMORPG…you gotta spend hours and hours of whacking away at the most basic of stuff before your attributes go up.

  3. Cool! =D

    I used to draw alot back in the days (and still do sometimes) but I usually lean towards more realistic styles. However, trying some basic lines might be cool too. Anyway, nice! Keep it up!

  4. It’s a nice drawing!!!!!! It’s been a long time since I’ve drawn anything. I might go back later. I had so many drawing ideas and never got around doing one. I might start up again later…

  5. use templates/guidelines as usual…the book u bought on the right, uses them. Try to figure out their template/guidelines, and then draw over them.

  6. I doubt you’d want to see my efforts at drawing. Needless to say, they’re… lackluster.
    Do you have any sorts of references you’d like to recommend?

  7. Phew… your drawing is not that bad.

    As tragic comedy mentioned, drawing is like grinding MMORPG. You’ve gotta spend a lot of time in basic skills to accomplish good results later. Nobody wants to see a character with a perfect body but horrible hands for instance.

    As for me, it’s been a while since I drew anything but recently I’m gathering some will to start over again.


  8. Ah that looks awesome :). I like to draw too, but as of now I’m not very good and need a lot of practice! But university is taking up quite a lot of time :( I need to improve!

  9. HI, jus browsing and saw this, I love drawing, and likes draw girls, i tihnk lol. Draw a stick man, thats my advice. with it u add in details, YOu will do well.

    By the way, i am curious about the refrence book you are using. Mind letting me know the name of the book?? a reply will be nice

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