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STCC has been a terrific and yet real tiring event. For the past 2 – 3 days, I have been doing event photo coverage on the behalf of Collateral Damage Studios, a local doujin group. There will be a couple of photos with the members form the doujin group in it.

Not forgetting Haruhi-sama as well!

The crowd on the 1st day of the event was real crazy. There was a lot more people than excepted, and I often had to push my way through the crowd ^^; Had also made a couple of new friends and bought some comics and goods as well.

Have taken more than a thousand photos during the course of the event and filtering thru them has really been hard. I am bad at writing event posts so I’ll just spam the photos for you readers to enjoy ^^

Way too crowded!

Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame consists of a whole stretch of VIPs from some of the leading names in the design, comics, toys and related-industries. Some of the names include Pete Fowler, Simone Legno (tokidoki), Gary Erskine, Devilrobots and Joseph Wong Chak (Old Master Q)






The Devilrobots are a design team of 5 from Japan known for their sinister character and designs. TO-FU Oyako, another symbolic television character, has been designed by them as well.

A link to one of their interviews back in 2003. Link here.

Gary Erskine’s booth



Scottish comic book artist Gary Erskine, who has been in the drawing scene for a close to 20 years. He did the cover for all three issues of X-Wing : Rogue Leader, a Star Wars mini-series published by Dark Horse and is also notable for drawing Knights of Pendragon.

Tokidoki (Simone Legno)



Tokidoki, a Japanese inspired lifestyle brand by Simone Legno, an italian artist. Tokidoki, also means ‘Sometimes’ in Japanese. Simone has chosen the Japanse word ‘tokidoki’ as he feels that everyone waits for moments that change one’s destiny.

I really like the character designs as they are indeed very cute ^^;

Old Master Q



Old Master Q” or better known as “Lao Fu Zi (老夫子)” in Chinese is a popular Chinese comic or manhua created by Alfonso Wong.

Old Master Q comics focuses on not just humor, but also changing social trends, particulary from the 1960s to the 1980s and would also feature societal problems which included poverty, thefts and secret societies. Fashion, contemporary art and rock music has also been poked fun off and also the language barrier between the Chinese and English language.

I remember enjoying the every page of Old Master Q’s comics that I had. It was just hands down hilarious! You can also read the translated copies of Old Master Q over in the archive of their official website.

The next post will be on the toys, dolls, gunpla and many little things you can see on display on the booths. And a bit more on the Haruhi cosplayer.. ^^;

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  1. LOL I actually saw you running around on the first day but I was queueing up so I couldn’t say hi! (And grab one of your namecards XD)

  2. W00t, met up with you on the second day at least, and Hexlord. Had no idea you were running around for CDS, I visited them on the first day at least, and passed them on the second.

  3. @ double: Whereas I do not, I wanted to take a picture of her, but that ONE SHOT turned out crappy. She went to rest after that.

    Windbell attracts Haruhis!

  4. Much better review. But of course, you had the aid of an imba camera, so yeah.

    Looking forward to the other parts of the coverage.

  5. @Panther: It was too crowded on the first day (Not as worse as the second) so I’d actually spotted you very much by accident when we were near the cosplay area. Was too busy taking photos ^^;

    @gordon: Didn’t manage to see you at all! Maybe at cosfest?

    @double: Lol! What affinity.

    @kokanaden: Imba camera needs skill to use >_<

  6. WOW!!!!!!!
    It looks like you had fun!!!!!!!
    It looks really crowded!!!!!!
    I wonder would there be more Haruhi pictures!!!!!!!! Your so attracted to haruhi!!!!!
    Great photos!!!!!!
    Be waiting for more!!!

  7. I totally freaked out at the crowd around the stage when the cosplay show started. When I tried to get out of the area. There is already rows and rows of human wall behind me :(

  8. I thought the name Collateral Damage Studios sounded familiar, and after clicking on the link it turns out I watch one of their members on deviantart. Small world, huh. :P
    This convention looks so cool; I wish I could have went and see all those artists!

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