Haruhi: Gotta get em’ all

Gotta Get em’ All! 

I have such strange affinity with Haruhi indeed ^^;

Mycstea of Collateral Damage Studios showed me this picture a few hours back which I can’t help but share it with you all ^^;

That aside, how many of you readers collect figures from the figma series?

I am wanting to order a Tohsaka Rin figma but all the expressions they have of her is Rin in a fighting pose with her mouth open and a concentrated look on her face. At least it’s much better compared to the Revoltech version which has Rin looking very lifeless.


Maybe I should switch to Nendoriod instead as I find them really really cute. Really cute looking Chua Churam from Chu x Chu in Nenodriod form that is coming out during Comiket 74.

Can’t we have a nice figure of Rin? ORZ

Via Danny Choo Via Senaka Blog.

9 thoughts on “Haruhi: Gotta get em’ all”

  1. I’ll be only collecting the Lucky Star Figma series (at least for now), since I’m in love with the LS characters. I had thought of getting hold of Saber and Rin figma too, but due to lack of funds, I have no choice but to give up on them (at least till more funds come in ^^).

    I also love the Nendoroid series, cause they’re really tooooooo cute!! I also want those 2 Petit Nendoroids, but sadly they’re exclusive for C74 >.< Wants the Nendo Miku exclusive too!!

  2. I’ve the Nagato figma and I don’t regret one bit, playing with her is always fun. Not to mention you can use a few accessories from other figures on her, like swords, hats, …

  3. when figma was announced i wasnt very fond of it as i don’t kinda like joints on my figma. but after i bought figma haruhi, my opinion changed. figma are cheaper, smaller easy to carry around/display and pose-able with interchangeable faces.

  4. @Hirito: I think I’l prefer the Nendoroid series as they are really really cute. Figma has that ball joints there which is ‘kind’ of irritating ^^;

    @Orange: LOL! And she’s a loli as well.

    @Coco the Bean: Tsukasa makes that ‘I’m lost. What’s happening’ face is which real funny.

    @Deathy: I have seen and played around with the Nagato figma but still feel that they are lacking from someething…

  5. Waiting for my Figma and Nendos to come. For sure I’m going to get my hands on those special Nendos that are released on Coniket day. I so want the Nendos and Figma from summer WonderFest.
    See you there at Comiket then…you can look for me and Adun…we are mostly waiting in all night over there…

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