Cosfest 08 : Teaser


Here’s a small teaser post of Cosfest 08.

Haven’t had time to post the rest of the pictures up yet as I am about to rush off to the final day/ Day 2 of Cosfest 08!

More pictures after the jump!







10 thoughts on “Cosfest 08 : Teaser”

  1. Urgh. Sorry for the double post. Anyway that link was supposed to be a scene from Pirates of the Carribean, At World’s End where Jack Sparrow was using a puny little telescope while his rival Barbossa was using a big one.

    You get what I mean. XD

  2. Hi windbell, this is Garion here, the photog whom you met on both days… was discussing abt DSLRs and lenses with you today (Sunday) outside D’Marquee when we were in a grp with other photogs…a pleasure meeting you! Was very surprised to find out you were windbell, coz I heard of and visited your blog b4. Anyways, nice pictures taken and do hope to see your day two shots soon!

  3. woo windbell~!!

    very nice photos.. especially the air gear cosplayer photo! nice job =D

    btw a question.. is there Kuu-chan? =D

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