Cosfest 2008: Air Gear


First set of photos from Cosfest 2008. Have decided to categorize the photos by anime where the characters are from. And the first set is from Air Gear!

More pictures after the jump!

Illegal Gathering I tell ya!

A simple photo of the cosplayers from the Air Gear team! Mikan is missing from the picture ^^;


























And here’s one for the ladies. Gentlemen might want to cover your own eyes ^^;



Will continue posting more sets. ANyway, the reason for posting the photos by anime category instead of covering it as an event (like what I used to do) is because I didn’t take a lot of the cosplayers photos and decided to do coverage on smaller groups of cosplaying teams as I have more time to experiment with slightly more different angles and themes

Also, it is to avoid having too many photographers hogging the cosplayers ^^;

Have also posted this set of photos over at the tread in SGcafe. Check pages 4 and 5.

Lots of fun taking photos of the cosplayers :)

15 thoughts on “Cosfest 2008: Air Gear”

  1. W00t, nice pictures as usual. Gordon would be pleased with this particular set.

    Nice idea too, since it gives you less work overall in a sense, and makes checking posts easier for people who are only interested in certain anime series.

  2. panther banchou knows me so well. ^^;

    mikan cosplayer is love. i will love to get her emblem. and a closer look too if she don’t mind.

    qns: how did u get that top down shot in the 1st pic? i don’t remember u being over 2m tall. lol.

  3. First photo’s angle is awesome! Thumbs up!

    I have to say, your photography skills have improved leaps and bounds!

  4. Ah Bell! Finally settled down here in JPY and can start surfing your blog again.. I missed all the action back home! Nice work by the way! I loved the last one. cos the notion doesn’t look right! LOL!

  5. @Panther: Gordon will be too busy nosebleeding ^^;

    @C.I: Here’s some tissue paper.

    @gordon: Got her to squat down slightly ^^;

    @0ne: LOL.

    @Soshi: Thanks! Didn’t see you at cosfest though,

    @dice: Hello! I don’t like the last one uguu~. Btw, is your room in JPN small? I want to visit!

    @Hexlord: Thanks!

  6. Hahaha, yeah… I was down with the flu so I couldn’t go down – my cousin did though! She cosplayed as Lal Mirch from Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn! :D Maybe you got some shots of her, ahaha!

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