Cosfest 2008: Suzumiya Haruhi

I has affinity with Haruhi! ^^;

And the second set of photos from Cosfest 2008. Here we have a super cute Suzumiya Haruhi! I managed to snatch her away from the photographers to get some of her time to do a small photoshoot.

More pictures of uber uber cute Haruhi after the jump!



Kawaii Haruhi Cosplayer + Bunny Ears = Win







She’s probably the cutest Suzumiya Haruhi cosplayer that I have had ever taken photos of. I wonder if my bad nosebleed after Cosfest 2008 was due to too much moe from the cosplayers ^^;

For those who have attended anime cosplay conventions, do you have more cute photos of Haruhi? Do share with all of us ^^

Special thanks to Eddie of Collateral Damage Studios for helping me with the film effects you get to see in the first photo, and also other enhancing effects!

19 thoughts on “Cosfest 2008: Suzumiya Haruhi”

  1. She’s way too famous now lol. And there’s even 4 photos of her (including mine) in Danny’s member featured news, I’m sure she’s famous overseas now too.

    34 out of 221 photos from Cosfest… wow I didn’t realised I took so much photos of her too.

  2. Her moe levels are over NINE THOUSAND!!!!!

    PS: Demands “downblouse/upskirt zaogeng photo” that 0ne’s talking about. :P

  3. very nice pictures of haruhi!!!(very nice job..:) ) How did you managed to have some private with her for your photo shoot ? )’:

  4. Lol @ Dragonball reference.
    I’m looking for her, and no, I’m not an acquaintance of Pedobear. *Wipes away nose bleeds*

  5. @Tiny Red Man Haruhi’s contacts are kept sekret to prevent the world from massive destruction.


    @Rin: LOL. Haruhi obession.

    @0ne: What zaogeng photo?

    @Hirito: Wow. 34 pictures of her.

    @Mister: Just asked Haruhi for a bit of her time.

    @Heavenwargod: No you lie!

    @Dead Snake: No raw image ^^;

  6. Nice!!!
    She gonna be famous!

    Oh, and i saw you face on a news paper which all secondary school should have sen it by now…..

  7. Hi. I am Usagi’s friend, one of the Bedok Knights.

    Saw you on “Friday Weekly”. Guess, I have to meet you with other anime bloggers for some networking.

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