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Was looking through some of the photos taken during my April trip to Japan (2008). Saw this picture and shared with you guys as I think it’s so cute. People sleeping on trains in Japan is just so common! Even I felt asleep ^^;

Need caption of the picture. Anyone? :)

21 thoughts on “Caption this Picture”

  1. Did you miss your stop?
    Good thing I don’t fall asleep on subways…never happened…
    Well, stuff like this is super common in Japan…

  2. @bj0rn: Douzo! *Fuko style*

    @double: Flickr has like tons of those!

    @gordonator: LOL!

    @Rin: Nah. It was an hour’s journey from Asakura to Narita Airport. Double was sleeping most of the time while I’ll enjoying the last of school girl sightings ^^;

    @Iouki: Hmm… nice one haha

  3. Cute. i see this a bit on my train home from uni, but i also sleep too on the way home xD
    Though i haven’t seen anyone sleeping on trains or subways yet here in HK -_-

  4. Guy: Please don’t be a guy…

    Seriously, I’m seeing more and more people that I can’t tell the gender of. Skirts don’t mean anything!

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