Windbell: On the Newsapers

Just ignore Toro and Kuro ^^ 

And yes, that’s me looking very unglamorous on the right hand side of the picture.

A few weeks back, I was interviewed by the local weekly newspaper, Friday Weekly, together with bloggers Double and Soshi.

That’s me and the pretty street busker on the street of Akihabara 


The interview was basically to gain more insights on the whole otaku culture in Singapore in parallel with how it is like in Japan and also to clear the misunderstanding of how Otakus = Hikikomoris.

We had also discussed on the recent stabbings (massacre) in Akihabara, and on how the otaku culture has influenced us on a whole.

That’s facially how the interview went if I recall correctly ^^;


The article also covered bits and pieces of Tsutomu Miyazaki, who’s also known as The Otaku Murderer for killing 4 victims back in 1988 – 1989. And also on Densha Otoko, the purportedly true story of a otaku dating a woman who he saved that was being harassed by a drunken man while on a train. I wonder if they should have also added in Neveda Girl into the article as well, though it’s not entirely related.

Bangin-san and Miho-san were also featured in the article too as the only picture I took with double was that particular one. We should take pictures more often ^^;

I haven’t really got spotted while traveling on the trains or walking around but people have been giving me looks lol.

Have you gotten interviewed before?

21 thoughts on “Windbell: On the Newsapers”

  1. I have Windbell’s namecard, in which I should get it auto-graphed the next time I see him… after all he’s FAMOUS now!! Who knows how much I could get it to sell on the “black” market!

  2. the akiba stabbings…i dun think it’s recent anymore. And somehow, local otakus are getting famous becos of that. And normal humans are getting more and more knowledge of the otaku sub-culture in singapore..may there be more spawnlings of otakus…may haruhi blessed us. >_<

  3. Congrates on being on the newpapers!!!!!
    I’ve never been interviewed but my grandfather did on his medicine stuff…
    Your fame is preading to all otakus in the world!!!!!!

  4. In the paper!!! Sporting a pair of porta-pros that seem to be a little too small for you.. =P. Haha, good job =)

  5. Interviewed? Lotsa’ times.
    Oh. Job interviews don’t count?

    Besides that, I got interviewed for a fashion blog. Guess that makes me a Kousaka…

  6. Congratulations for being on the newspaper!!

    It would be an honour if I can get your autograph when I see you around next time.. You are famous dude!! ^^

  7. Did they really have to bring Tsutomu Miyazaki into the picture? He was…just…plain psychotic.

    Never been interviewed but have written articles before. Safe to say they are a pain in the butt. Congrats on your very own article though!

  8. @All: Thank you all for the comments! Haven’t had time to update the blog recently but I promise I’ll post a new article by tonight!

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