Cosfest 2008: Ayu Tsukimiya

Nyaa.. Uguu?!

A very much overdue set of photos from Cosfest 2008. Too much replaying of Diablo II again has somewhat distracted me from posting this up.

This time we have a real life Ayu Tsukimiya from Key’s (adult) visual novel Kanon, who has decided to make an appearance at Cosfest. She came crashing into me in the shopping district, and then suddenly took my hand and started running.

Eventually, I learned that she’d stolen some taiyaki and was on the run. I was wondering what any of this had to do with me but I had no choice but to duck into a cafe to hide from the taiyaki baker.

I was actually very much shocked when I realize how much resemblance the real life Ayu has to the game’s Ayu.

Duck into the cafe as well to get more pictures!


Ayu or Taiyaki?


A taiyaki a day keeps Ayu at play




I used my geass on her.. which explains the red eyes O__O







Very cute Ayu cosplayer there that is probably very much in character. She made the taiyaki herself too, though it turned out a little burned as it was her first.

Have you guys seen cosplayers who are very in-character while cosplaying?

P.S Lucky Star reference in this post ;)

8 thoughts on “Cosfest 2008: Ayu Tsukimiya”

  1. #5 is so nice *w* didnt attend cosfest, but from the pics, shes the cutest coser there IMO *w* i love ayu~! she rly looks and feels like a real-life ayu, lol. burnt taiyaki is damn cute also luh haha.

  2. i wonder is she feeling hot wearing that jacket on top of her long sleeve.

    anyway u are playing diablo 2 too? it’s addictive isn’t it? ^^;

  3. @Kaori: Her burnt taiyaki is really cute! She said that she had made them herself.

    @gordon: I think she feels hot wearing that jacket on top. I played Diablo II again for a while.

    @Coco the Bean: Second that!

    @Stifler: Haha. Take more pictures!

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