The Power of Moe


I was just checking Japanator a few hours back when I came across an rather interesting article.

Don’t know how many of you readers watch Macross Frontier but I certainly do enjoy that series a whole lot. With moe moe Ranka and sultry sexy Sheryl Nome (SSS lol), and of course with all the included action and mecha fighting and insert songs, who doesn’t? ^^;

But I’m not going to talk about Macross Frontier, but instead, the powerful weapon that can make even the most hardened veteran fighters drop their weapons and form moe hearts in their eyes.

This rather new phenomenon has started to appear over the internets.

Can you guess it? The clue’s in the picture ^^

Yes! It’s Ranka Lee and her kawaii devil horns (a.k.a \m/). Fanarts of Ranka Lee and several anime characters has started to pop out in imageboards with them doing the \m/ gesture.

Step by Step Illustration

Learn to do the hand gesture with Ranka Lee!

This rather new phenomenon started in a recent episode of Macross Frontier when Ranka Lee did her spectacular dance move during a middle of a battle, and in which, made the attacking forces drop their weapons and blush in shades of tomatoes as they watch the moe girl do her thing.

Watch the video for the whole lot of Ranka Lee Goodness, or you can just jump to 1:11 or 2:07 to watch Ranka with her gesture if you’re lacking in moe-nergy.

Funnily enough (or not), the \m/ sign is also known as a vulgar hand gesture in Mediterranean countries.

Even Alto is doing it!

So remember! When faced with an enemy, do not be hesistant to use the \m/ sign! It might very well be able to save your life (or not…) ^^;

Source: Via Japanator: Featured Fan Art: Ranka Lee’s \m/

13 thoughts on “The Power of Moe”

  1. In “Super Dimension Fortress Macross”, the power that sent fear into the Zentradis are kiss, embrace and showing that the union of male and female can gave birth to babies.

  2. The \m/ gesture is considered vulgar in Italy if you do it without opening the thumb. With your thumb out it’s ok.
    The vulgar gesture signifies “you have got horns”, which means that your wife is cheating on you. The origin of the gesture comes from the Cretan myth of the Minotaur. The Cretan citizens did this gesture to mock King Minos because his wife cheated on him with a bull, thus giving birth the to infamous half-human half-bull monster.
    There is another meaning of this gesture. If you do it with your hand pointing to the ground, it’s meant to cast off the bad luck.

  3. In other cultures, the “horns” gesture is a blessing that brings good luck. In others, it can mean a declaration of affection. And yet in others, it can just mean that Ranka is moe.

    Are you deculturing?

  4. lol It’s not a “Devil Horn” sign, when you have the thumb out, it’s a sign for “I Love You” in sign language. I L Y letters in sign language combined.

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