Conquer your loli tendencies

Maka Albarn is <3

Are you

  • Afraid of looking at a girl straight in the eye?
  • Wanting to talk to that random girl but have difficultly maintaining eye contact?
  • Staring at the wrong place when looking at the said girl?

You might want to try this new exciting DVD by AVEX.

This excellent exciting new training DVD ‘Miteru Dake‘ 「見てるだけ」 (Just Looking when translated into English) trains you up by what a better way then to look at ladies who willl just ‘look at you’ while you look back at them and wonder why you’re doing this.

This DVD by top-selling AVEX is a way to reach the extremely anti-social sets, the NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and the hikkikomoris. As an added bonus (more of like to fuel your loli tendencies), the DVD also has a loli as part of their model/talent team of staring at you so that you can practice saying whatever you want without any fear of getting rejected by the video.

Here’s the awesome clip of her… and listen to the cute moan at the end (lol)

And if you are one that prefer older ladies, you could always watch the video featuring the old lady below.


Alternatively, you can just look at cutie youtube user Magichan’s videos of her staring at you. ^^;

I do have a bit of problem maintaining eye contact at times. Maybe I should get the video lol

Source: Via F**kedUpJapan via JapanProbe


16 thoughts on “Conquer your loli tendencies”

  1. Alternatively, you could grab a friend and have her help you out. Beats a video I think.

    I don’t think less eye contact is necessarily bad, though! I know for me, too much and I find the guy creepy.

    So, I guess eye contact is good for expressing honesty when you look at someone, but too much is freaky.

  2. Chilipop is true. Too much eye contact is scary. But its important to look a girl in the eye often when u’re talking too her (especially if u like her). Shows u got confidence and shows that u’re showing interest in her more than the surrounding. And most relationships start from eye contact. You never noe. That eye contact could be the start of something :)

    Just dont overdo it :P

  3. That girl has the “wh..what is all this for?” look on her face. (My sis was looking over my shoulder and said she looks like a younger version of me. Oo)

  4. I actually don’t have a problem maintaining (a reasonable, not creepy level of) eye contact with people I’m talking to for the most part. The ONE situation where I can’t is when talking to a girl I like. I lack so much confidence it’s sad ;_;

  5. True, what everyone else said. Eye contact may be good, but too much is just plain weird. Like everything else, it should be done in moderation.

  6. ….
    i feel sorry the lil kid, it seems like she’s bored and can’t find anything to look at. she’s not mainitainig 100%eye contact neither.
    but she did look bored >.>

    As for the 3rd girl. cute. looks like she’s trying not to laugh though which made it slightly more amusing.

    Though, realistically. who does stare at people in silence? not many, unless they’re both lost in words but like ot keep looking at each other.

    As chilipop said, grabbing a friend is MUCH more convient and better, coz you’ll be seeing a real person in which reality, no one just really stares for 30 secs without saying anything.
    unless ur doing a staring comp or demanding an answer from someone.

    What i find myself doing sometimes, is while i main eyecontact, i also search on people’s faces. and their surroudings. Don’t want to accidently get clobbered or something now do we xD

    Not to mention, if you look at their mouths, you can ‘eventually’ pick up how to lip-read people.
    Which could come in handy in the future ;)

  7. Weird…
    This is a first time I heard of this kind of product……
    Well, it depends on how it works on people. People acts differently and stuff…
    I think results may vary depending on the person…

  8. lol! i can maintain eye contact but only if the girl is ordinary looking. If she’s good looking or a beauty …… damn, i start thinking what she might think if i stare at her too much and that freaks me out. And my eyes automatically keep alternating between both sets of eyes on the girl (if u know what i mean), so thats more trouble than a guy can handle at a time.

  9. @Chilipop: It would be weird staring at her wouldn’t it be? ^^;

    @Mantoro: Thanks for the advice. I shall remember it and apply it.

    @Tiny Red Man: LOL

    @Coco the Bean: Haha!

    @Honya: Ohhh! I used to get that problem as well. I go all blushy and stuff.

    @Jalin: I’ll have to try that out.

    @6pack: Guys have it tough eh. Having to decide which set of eyes to look at.

  10. I guess you missed that Japanese show that had Magi on it.

    If you still find her attractive after that, i’ll eat my hat.

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