Nikon D700 & SB900 – my shiny new bling


Now that I’ve had my Canon EOS 400D for just over a year and a half and it being a very good camera and had served me well in my journey to discover photography.

The EOS 400D is a great camera I must say, especially for starters and those wanting to pick up a DSLR but not wanting to spend too much on a professional body.

So why Nikon and not stick to Canon? And why the upgrade?

Having worked at a studio for some time, I had found that Nikon cameras (bodies) are actually much more customizable and has a lot more functions as compared to the Canon cameras. It’s like the Figma figures compared to normal figures with a fixed posed. You can very much tune it with the settings you very much want.

Now for the second question. Why the upgrade?

Having been using the 400D (a body with a 1.6X crop factor) with a EF 24 – 105mm L lens, I am at a disadvantage whenever I need to take wide-angle shots as the widest I’ll be able to shoot at is 24mm X 1.6 = 38.4mm. This makes it pretty much a standard zoom lens and I won’t be able to explore more creative angles at a wider angle.

You can shoot using a TLR too!

Why not just get a wide-angle lens then? I have though of that but as I am intending to pursue photography as a career, I would firstly need to have a much professional body compared to my current camera. The EOS 5D would have been a nice choice but I’m favoring the D700 a lot more.

Shooting a full-frame would also mean that I won’t have to add in the crop factor while shooting so which means I am shooting at the camera lens focal length.


Will be spending more time playing with my new toy.. NOT. The camera’s actually loaned to me to do some test shots and I had my share of fun playing around and taking some shots. ^^;

Oh, how I wish I have one of these full frame camera bodies..

16 thoughts on “Nikon D700 & SB900 – my shiny new bling”

  1. i was about to say “U is rich” but found out the the last paragraph it’s a loan.

    if u aren’t pursuing photography as a career, which area of interest are u intending to move on to? programmer?

  2. Nice!!!!!
    I so want a DSLR camera.
    I might consider buying that for my trip to Japan when I go in August.
    Pretty cool!!!!!!

  3. Well, when you enter NS, you will have the money to buy that DSLR that you’ve always wanted. You just need to have the willpower to save your money and not spend it on crap.

  4. i’m thinking of picking up a canon EOS 450D for a starter, do u recommend it? or do you think that there’s some better camera bodies out there for beginners like me?

  5. @TRM: EOS 1000D comes out soon, but it’s pretty much a bit less than the 450D, i think.

    if you’re cheap like me, you could probably get one used, somewhere…

  6. How I wish I could have afforded a camera like that. Though my new one is definitely a step up from my previous. Got myself a Canon S5IS and it’s alot of fun.

    Working on some of my old/new figure photos to post on the blog.

  7. Woot hot stuff .. i’d never be able to afford that.

    I’d be looking to buy a DSLR by the end of this year when I receive my bonus.

  8. I don’t question the upgrade, what I question is why the change of brand. Sure you wrote about it but changing from one brand to another since you already own some canon lenses, you’ll still use you canon right?! Or will you sell the stuff?

  9. Ha ! welcome to the world of nikon lol :P wow … and you got the D700 ! Pls let me try my hands on it when we next meet yea hehe

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