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She’s waiting for you 

While surfing a couple of image boards just a few hours back, I came across a category of images which has been tagged ‘paper child’.

I don’t really know how to explain paper child with descriptive words, but I can briefly say that it is actually paper cut outs of anime characters, with optional speech bubble, made to look 3D using ‘optical illusion’.

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Why optical illusion? It is because the Paper child is an 2D image printed on a piece of paper. Setting and taking a picture of the paper child requires looking at it from the right perspection and angle.

I have decided to try out one on my own as it seems really fun. But being such a terrible drawer, I’d to cheat by using an very moe image from the image boards, did some editing in Photoshop and printed it out on a piece of A4 size paper. After which, I used a paper cuter (Penknife) to cut the image out, propped it and took a picture using my camera.

The end result’s what you see on the top image and below as well ^^;

Kuro is such a bad bad cat, wanting to hurt the poor loli :( 

Basically, I think Paper childs are actually really fun to create given if you have the time and dedication to do so. I’ll be creating more paper childs using images from image boards for now as I continue to improve on my own drawing ^^; Just grab any image that you think would work and get it done!

Below’s a couple of paper childs taken from different angles to make them look 3D.

Cute Paperchild ^^

You’ve got mail!


There’s also a simple guide on Danbooru on how to create a paper child. Do check it out. You might also want to check out Sasaki Yukinojou’s website on a couple of paper childs he/she did. Site link here (NSFW) 

Have you tried making paper childs yourself? How was your own experience like? I know I had to cheat for this one but hey, it works! ^^;

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  1. My first time stumbling across ‘anime-paperchild’. Looks kinda cool. How long did it took you, any approx time will do. Also, good thinking about the nsfw taggy ^^ I read blogs at work, reply them at home.

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