Overseas: A month of holidays!


Hi to all! Am currently in the land of down under for a short holiday of 10 days. The main purpose of this trip is to actually attend my sister’s convocation (graduation ceremony) and also to get away from the heat in Singapore ^^;

After my trip in Melbourne, will be heading back to Singapore for 2 days before heading to another country for about 10 days, this time to look at lots and lots of kawaii girls and kawaii girls and more kawaii girls. Would also be meeting up with a couple of people who are there as well.

Will work on the site theme and also update daily if possible as I’ll be headed to Adelaide come tomorrow morning and I hope they have internets available somewhere there ^^;

Time to take a short nap. I have been awake seen the day before I haven’t really goteen much sleep. Almost feel asleep when typing out this post ^^

10 thoughts on “Overseas: A month of holidays!”

  1. You’re seriously coming here to Adelaide? I would ask “what for?” as there’s not much here but after reading your post I am guessing your sis is at Adelaide Uni?

    Congrats to her. Enjoy your stay here in Adelaide!

  2. you’re comming to Aust? (or have come by now xD )

    but thats pretty cool, too bad its adeliade, its cold>_<! more cold than sydney at least.

    well hope you have fun~

  3. @double: Awesome sky is awesome.

    @boggart: Just got back from Adelaide. Was there for a short holiday.

    @Jalin: Am already in Australia for the past few days. Don’t think I’ll be heading up to Sydney. Do enjoy the pancakes by the rocks though ^^

    @ron~: Will do.

    @LianYL: I am Houdini.

    @Adun: Enjoy the pretty girls there!

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