Onwards to Tokyo!


And as the title says, I’m off to Tokyo for a 10 days holiday ^^

Having just came back from Melbourne, Australia just 2 days ago, I’m off again to another country. This time, however, there will be lots of kawaii girls (I mean lots) to see, look, touch, feel during my 10 days there. It’s currently summer in Tokyo at the moment, so the weather’s is expected to be slightly hotter compared to back at home.

Will be visiting comiket for the first time, but, I’ll be only going on the last day of comiket. Why the last day you ask? This is as the last day of comiket is known as ‘ero’ day, which means there will be lots of doujinshis on sale which features your favorite female characters getting into different positions that you often do not see when they are clothed.

Am also going to meet up with a couple of animebloggers who are coincidently in Tokyo as well. Included in the list is Adun of moemoerabu.net, Rin, and Ron from Otadesho.

Am writing this post from the boarding lounge of the airplane. Just a random note, I was asked a couple of funny security questions, security checked once and was asked to stepped aside to have my bags and shoes checked. Guess it’s probably because I’m carrying both my laptop bag and camera bag, together with my tripod and wearing a jacket, making me look like a suspicious otaku ^^; Maybe I should have be like Sagara Sousuke.

Anyway, time for me to get on my plane. See you guys in Tokyo!

P.S I hope to get to see some school girls there. It’s my last holiday before enlisting into national service :/

19 thoughts on “Onwards to Tokyo!”

  1. Wish you a delectable journey. Bring us back some great pictures (of school girls, of course… or at least one of Adun wearing a seikufu, I am sure this would be … surrealist) ^^;

  2. you should have just taken a reverse blade sword with you. no one would have questioned you then. enjoy your last holiday, and dont loose too much blood at the comiket.

  3. @lu-k: Great idea! Have to get Adun in a seifuku first :/

    @dice: Too many kawaii girls here!

    @Panther: Will do!

    @Coco the Bean: LOL! Yes, I’ll prepare myself for crowds :/

    @Soshi: It’s pretty hot here. Slightly hotter than singapore.

    @Rin: You’re staying so near to Big Sight! See you on the third day if I can find you ^^;

  4. Try to go for Day 2 too. Day 3’s games have all been shifted to Day 2. Day 3 is still for everything else….NSFW though.

  5. My gf is there for another 2 days. If you see a blonde girl accompanied by 2 Asians, 2 girls one guy, then you know its her. Tell her I said to get me more vagina in a can.

  6. Judging from the amount of alcohol he’s drinking, I’d say give a little push here and there, then it’s smooth sailing in getting him into a seifuku.

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