Japan Summer 2008 Loot (Way Too Many!)

moe 9688 sample-1
Girlie not related to post but I found her cute anyway

And a quick look at our loot stolen exchanged in Japan with the a currency known as money for moe girlies on paper.

Didn’t spend a lot compared to the Spring and last year’s trip (Japan Loot & Akane makes Revolution) as I am enlisting into the army in another 2 weeks time and won’t be able to enjoy the moelicious girlies while serving. Didn’t bring a lot of money to Japan this time as well, and bought a couple of other stuff as well.


Most of the doujins are from the recent comiket (comiket 74) while I got the Konata Neodoroid as a free gift from some lovely friends of mine. Bought the Melissa Neodoroid from Akiba, and the health-approved mangas from K-books (If I recall).

Besides doujins and mangas, I got myself the sexy little wireless mac keyboard that runs on dolphin wax batteries and connects to my Macbook Pro via Bluetooth. Will do a review on it someday ^^;


And… heres how you know when you have too many doujins.

Picture above’s the whole collection of doujins and health-related mangas that I have collected during the past 3 trips to the land of the kawaii. Included is also a couple of artbooks as well.

Do you have too many doujins/manga/artbooks as well? Or is there no such thing as too many? ^^;

22 thoughts on “Japan Summer 2008 Loot (Way Too Many!)”

  1. holy shrikes… thats a lot!!!

    and how can you tell if the mangas from k-books are “health approved”??!?!

  2. Wow…. Thats really a lot i wantz T_____T But I only have 2 artbook doujins… Anyway if I had this many, I would probably find space in my house no matter what, in order to keep them. I also want H doujins, reading online is not as fun as having them in possession and of course, the doujins will be eyes only.

  3. You’re lucky to have T2 Deculture… I so want his doujinshis but I guess it’s safer to have a virtual copy. As for you question, there’s no such things when it comes to girls, moe and health care material.

  4. An overview look…
    I know i got much stuff…
    I think I have too much stuff…currently, nothing fits in my room…
    Still, really nice loot!!!!!!

  5. Hey, I see an Ozawa Akifumi art book in that mix. Can you review that, or just mention whether it’s art work or game stills in the books?

  6. Nice looot o.o I was interested in the Lyrical Lyric Ehon but I don’t know if it’s full color or just sketch ~~

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