Day of conscription

Hi all, haven’t been updating in a long while as I wanted to finish the new theme before updating as the current one sucks. But anyway, today is the day, the day of conscription, the day where I lose 2 years of my life.

It’s painful, it hurts, but it cannot be avoided; unless I have got an citizenship at another country lol.

I’ll be away for 2 weeks, confined in camp before my first book out. This means no internets, no moe girls, no kawaii girls, no health related etc. Don’t have a 3G-enabled non-camera phone at the moment… so I won’t be able to check on my emails for now.

For those who do which to contact me, do email me or send me an text message (those with my number).

It’s time for me to go, the 2 years. The hyperspace of 2 years.

P.S The ‘new’ theme is about halfway done. Will release it when book out.

20 thoughts on “Day of conscription”

  1. Fear not the first two weeks, and since Hari Raya is close to your bookout they may confine you another few days just to let you book out before Hari Raya and only book in the next Sunday, meaning almost a full week of break.

  2. Can you leave all your camera equipment with me lol? Anyway just kidding, have fun, and don’t feel too sad. The first weeks are extremely stressful due to the shock of having to be regimentated.

  3. whoaaa windbell!~ I was in Japan as well! but not at the same time ;)

    I started my blog again~! you should read it when you get back
    are you gna be gone for 2 years? or 2 weeks?

  4. lol…. enlistment day…. good luck serving the nation.
    I’m almost 3/4 done…. Thinking back it wasnt that long ago
    since i got enlisted too. The time where you just sit around in
    camp everyday and wait to get your pink IC will come soon…

    In the mean time… Fight on!

  5. Although this is my first comment, i frequent this blog quite often. I just wanted to say God spped good sir. And may moe burn in your heart forever!

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