Jigoku Shoujo Cosplay


And here’s the photos of one of the cosplay shoots I did during my short trip in Tokyo back in August.

Haven’t had much time to update my blog as I have been spending most of my weekends resting and sleeping, yes, sleeping. Don’t have time to catch up with animes as well ^^;





Photos were taken at Ueno park in Tokyo.

Will talk a bit on my army life as I am actually rushing out of the house now to get back into camp ^^; Next week’s my field camp where I have to stay in the jungle for about 5 – 6 days or so. Will update you guys again then.

11 thoughts on “Jigoku Shoujo Cosplay”

  1. Distracted watches her face … Well, she’s isn’t an “hell of a girl” I wouldn’t know! :P

    Good shoots, I never shoot sloped, but it looks great. Well, I’m in for some experimental shoots I try it next time I shoot. You got photo shoot lessons?

  2. Well, it’s nice to see your still alive!!!
    Nice cosplay shoot!!!
    I swear, the first photo scared me!!!
    The cosplayer cosplay is just amazing and enough to scare even cosplayers here!!!

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