22 thoughts on “Army Life”

  1. Wow being away from the internet for almost a week… a couple of days ago my internet was down for the afternoon and I was hella annoyed.

    But at least you’re maintaining your *physical* health ;)

  2. Hello Windbell !

    Even if you’re confined, i hope you can at last practice your photograph skills. It would be very sad that your extraordinary talent as a photograph decline because of the army. Oh, and excuse my curiosity, maybe it’s stupid to ask you this but do you have a psp or a ds for entertain you ? ^^;

    sorry but i’ve never made the army so i don’t know how it works (except in the movies) ^^;

    Gambate Kudasai ! ;)

  3. Hey you chaps already got a 6 mth discount versus us old men – it wont be that bad; BMT is probably the most shitty part of the Army; once you get into a unit it will get much better (and slacker if you kena logistics or maintenance)

    hang in there and enjoy the ride!

  4. Ditto what purutaru said…army’s a good time to think about what you want to do for the rest of your life.

    When time comes precious, you make the best use of it.

  5. BMT is the most fun place for some… worst place of all for others….
    Personally my unit life now is a lot better than bmt. 8-5 airforce personnel FTW
    Having cute looking technicians/DXOs in your unit is a major plus ^-^

    6 more months to go for myself… Hang in there dude… i was in your shoes not that long ago, your time will come when u take out a calender and start crossing out your leaves and offs and realise freedom is not that far away!!!!!

    Hope you can into commmand school if that’s what u want… otherwise airforce would be a great place to slack your remainder of your 2 years.

  6. O.o ARMY? Currently counting down the 4 months to my ONE YEAR mark!!
    (doesn’t know what BMT is like. never want to.)

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