Passing out Parade and The Otaku Burnout

Kawaii girl is kawaii~!

And finally after 3 months of training on an offshore island, I have successfully completed my Basic Military Training (BMT) and will be moving on to my next phase of army life.

Funny thing is, the last 3 months has passed by so quickly. It’s would probably sound logical as you are engrossed in training each day, and have hardly any time to think of any other stuff. Didn’t get any pictures of the parade itself as I had ‘conveniently’ forgotten to ask my parents to bring along my camera along ^^;

Am currently on block leave till the 22nd of this month, which means I will have time to finally work on the site. The theme’s been delayed as it has been experience problems when on live. I am still not satisfied with it as new ideas keep popping into my head. Am a bit tight with real life as well as my room’s getting refurbished.

And a little on the the otaku burnout part. I have to say army have almost killed my otakuism, well, that is what I had experienced during the last 3 months. Book outs were spent sleeping and gaming, and of course, spending more time with the family. It also helped me reduce spending on figurines and other online spending.


This period has also allowed me to focus more on thinking on what I want to do in the future, and also other activities like getting a new console (which I will touch on) and a new monitor or even just hanging out with friends. There were weeks where an episode of Kannagi or Tora dora would suffice and last me till the next book out.

However, as the dates till my passing out parade drew nearer, I began to reminisce the good old blogging and ‘otaku-ing’ days. Spending countless number of hours catching anime whilst being online checking on weird happenings and reporting them. It was a lifestyle, a fun lifestyle that I couldn’t give up.  While I realized that I may not be able to blog on a regular basis like the past, I didn’t want to give up the whole idea of blogging altogether. Friends have urged me to update my blog.

I’ll figure something out somehow ^^b

12 thoughts on “Passing out Parade and The Otaku Burnout”

  1. I know exactly what you mean. It’s been ages since I watched any anime at all, even longer since I tuned in to Animax or browsed Crunchyroll. The mojo’s just been slowwing ebbing away from me. Good thing there was that slew of cosplay/anime conventions that brought me back into the scene.

  2. for me the major pain is the weakening $…, which reduces my figure spending alot (but increase my game spending.. so it’s about the same haha)

    and for console, get a PS3! :D

  3. I hope you get back to your blogging lifestyle soon!!!!!!
    Well, I spend most of my time studying to keep my grades up in university and barely having time to download or watch anime…school and anime like…hard to balance out!!!!

  4. You should have asked your parents to take pictures ! :] 20 or 30 years down the road, it’d be something you can show your children and have a good laugh at.

  5. @AK: We were in the same boat!

    @ron~: I’ll get it one day.. one day that is ^^;

    @Rin: How is university life doing for you?

    @blauereiter: My mom did grab a picture using her cellphone ^^;

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