Sleepy Japan


One thing that puzzles me every time I visit Japan is a special ability that folks in Japan have mastered; the ability to sleep in public.

Though it is also somewhat common in Singapore as well, there isn’t seem to be as many compared to Japan. My guess is that people are afraid that their photos get taken and posted online onto the local forums, with quotes like “This person did not give up his/her seat up to the elderly person” etc. It’s very likely in Japan that when you visit Japan you can hardly miss these tired beings there.


This guy here was sleeping throughout the whole journey when I was travelling to Comiket. One thing that really baffles me is how the belongings of these tired beings don’t get ‘borrowed’ away.







I bet the guy really wants to cup a feel. Posted this on a previous post, asking you guys to caption it.


More of these photos available over at Kirainet and


Oh course, this would be much ideal for most ^^;

8 thoughts on “Sleepy Japan”

  1. @Zeroblade: Haha. Hmm… How about people sleeping while standing up?

    @Adun: You are feeling sleepy….zzz

    @Rin: Probably your bad luck. It’s really hard to miss it

  2. @bellinissima: Man, that must have been quite an adventure. I wouldn’t dare to try that in Japan.

    @bj0rN: You’re just a fake!

    @The Sojourner: LOL! I have heard of that one

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