Anime Toilet


This has probably been spread around the depths of the Internets that it might be old to some of you readers (those who spent countless amount of time on the net till the late wee hours like me :) ) but would like to post it up.

We enjoy our anime girls on our PCs, as physical forms of figures, posters plastered on our walls and even in manga and doujins, even during working hours when the boss isn’t looking and especially in those boring lectures in school.

Now, we can enjoy it while taking a pee.


Original Image above sourced from the Internets. Taken in a Sofitel Hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand.

I wonder if anyone would do an updated version of the image with anime girls from 2008 – 2009 series? A challenge to you readers out there and also anonymous vippers ^^;

And oh, which version (Anime or Real Life) and urinal slot would you choose and why? Tsuruya-chan’s slot would definitely be nice ^^;

5 thoughts on “Anime Toilet”

  1. i’m too envy to see him pee at that HOT anime figure in an erotic position…. I WANT TO PEE on that TOILET for hours!!! wooo!!!

  2. Thats nice.. i like to pee in there as well .. give me an idea to draw my own and in large it and cove it with plastic so i don’t have to dazz off peeing … LOL :3

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