Tohsaka Rin Dollfie



Gorgeous Rin Dollfie from Volks that seems to have been released just recently. One thing that’s stopping me from picking up dollfie collecting (is there an official term? Dolling? Dolphin :p) is the price.


Lovely Rin here can be picked up at a price of 50,400 yen (758 SGD)

More pictures of Rin can be found on the official website.

Hmm… Looks like I should place this on my birthday wish list. It’s coming next month ^^;

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2 thoughts on “Tohsaka Rin Dollfie”

  1. She’s not actually available no. She’s only available via the lottery draw at the upcoming Dolpa 21 in May. You know one day you’ll buy one. It’s a Rin, you have to get one!

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