The future of electric cars

Aperta 2E, a three-wheel, two-seat electric car that draws attention wherever it goes.


Amenities include air conditioning and a navigation system. A video camera with night vision provides a 180-degree view of what’s behind you because the back window is really narrow.

I wonder how it would be like driving in one of these things, would really love to give it a go. Really looks like a cockpit of an airplane there. Anyone willing to itasha one? ;p

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5 thoughts on “The future of electric cars”

  1. If I had one I wouldn’t itasha it. Simply because it looks awesome as it is. Symmetrical and stylish. Adding any anime/manga-related decorations would make it lose it’s awesomeness

  2. It sure looks cool, but the costs of it right now will probably be too much to consider. I would itasha one if its background color was something like dark blue. White is too susceptible to dirt.

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