K-ON! Mio Madness


I have finally started on the spring season of anime and like many, have started watching K-ON, a light-hearted slice of life anime featuring 4 girls with different personalities that come together to form the light-music club.

And like many,  I have taken a liking to Mio, the bassist of their band, especially after watching the ED sequence. Of course, this post isn’t a  review on K-ON, but rather, moelicious pics of her :)

More “moe-moe-kyun” below ^^







moe 70164 akiyama_mio k-on_

moe 70553 akiyama_mio k-on_ yoshitsugi

moe 70554 akiyama_mio k-on_ nekokotei

moe 70053 akiyama_mio guitar k-on_ nagi__artist_ thighhighs


Last but not least, a delicious Mio cosplayer.. anyone know who she is?!


11 thoughts on “K-ON! Mio Madness”

  1. yea mio…..i never actually havnt ever been this attracted to a character o.e i mean mizuho from onegai teacher was nice but mio….pushes buttons that make me feel confused inside .__.

  2. the mio cosplayer is “ちゃまろさん” have to say, she was pretty fast (one of the earliest mio ending ver. cosplays) in getting the costume and all.

  3. This is an awesome idea! Thank you so much! I’m not very old nor do I have much eincrxepee in anything, but I will definitely keep this idea in mind for the future. You’re right, I think that it would blow all those handwritten resumes and cover letters out of the water!

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