Windbell, the big 21!


And I am now officially 21 years young, from the obvious title. Turning 21 is a special for most people, but it didn’t really hit me that I was turning 21 already, not much of an impact for me. It did seem however, that I have aged younged considerably fast over the past 365 days, and somehow I think that I’ll be turning 22 very very soon ^^;

Despite the big 21, it didn’t really have much significance for me. Well one thing’s for sure is that I have to celebrate my 21 while in army, and the other would be that I am now officially an adult (ahem ero ero ahem).

The next few years or so would be the most exciting that is to come, I am not speculating but rather, it will happen :) Although one thing’s for sure, the next 1 year and 4 months would be spent serving the army.. before I embark on a journey overseas. Not sure where I will go to though, but I’ll be going to get a degree.


Am pretty happy turning a year older, no reasons to why, but just happy.

Not forgetting to thank my family and friends and to the folks in the internets for the birthday wishes, really thank you!


Got a nice Fender Dreadnought (Acoustic) guitar from my sister as a birthday present, so that I can dive into the world of MIo, I mean music. And not forgetting the awesome 2x guard duty that I got for being caught reading a book during lessons.

Some plans I have for this year:

  • Improve my web development skiills (PHP, jQuery)
  • Continue to blog on a regular basis
  • Read more!
  • Get a girlfriend

And as always, the cake is no lie!

19 thoughts on “Windbell, the big 21!”

  1. I’ve already wished you happy b’day, but here it is again!
    And you need a bass. As it is, you’re closer to being Yui right nao :P

    BTW, I take issue with the “21 years young” phrase. You can’t use “years young” until you are at least 50. :D

  2. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

    @louki: That would probably have to take erm some time ^^;

    @icie: YUI or yui? ;)

    @Coco the Bean: Yes you did. Time sure flies

  3. meanwhile, my personal site died, i think nk-ds is doing well w/o my existant but i wan something orginal yet i have no time. ORZ and soon its my turn to become 21. D=

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