Premium heart-shaped watermelon

1348737By たかな on Pixiv

From the weird happenings to the even weirder happenings and inventions, Japan has done it again with a heart shaped Watermelon, that’s right, a heart shaped watermelon!

The unusual fruit is the invention of Hiroichi Kimura, a farmer from Kumamoto, and his wife. The couple said they had tried for three years to create the perfectly heart-shaped fruit, which they say symbolizes their passion for farming and their affection for each other.

Heart-shaped Watermelon

Makes a great mother’s day gift if you’re willing to fork out 15,750 yen ($160) for one. I would rather get normal watermelons and make them into heart-shape form than fork out that much.. maybe it’s for those with too much money to spend ^^;

Source: Via Japanprobe

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